Colour Experiments: Eyeshadow

I’m terrified of bold colours on my face, with the exception of a fun lipstick. Pretty boring, hey?

Sarah and I were chatting, and I was eyeing up a Melt palette, and was torn between the Muerte and Gemini palettes. If you remember back to late 2018, I bought a Juvia’s Place Magic Mini on a whim, and gave it away this spring to a friend that isn’t terrified of colour, ha.

Sarah’s suggestion, based on my fear of colour, was to go with the Gemini palette. It still had fun colours, but weren’t so crazy that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using the palette. I found an “only swatched” one on Poshmark and bargained it down to $50…really after shipping, it was like buying a new palette. I figured I might as well but “new used” instead of “new new”.

I’ve probably used the palette a solid handful of times. Working from home has made me want to bust out my fun makeup at home when I need a break. And since masks kill the lipstick fun, I might as well play up my eyes!

Mochi all over, Leo and Fire OG in the crease/outer v and under-eye, MAC’s Goldenrod in the inner corner/inner third with a touch of gold pigment from Savage Jenny (I picked some of their loose pigment up in New Orleans a couple years ago).

Ignore my ugly fallout! I didn’t clean it up before I took this photo!

Hopefully I’ll take some time to dive back into colour. I’ve got a few pinks and a gorgeous red from Sugarpill from way back when that need attention, and a few more greens.

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