Review: Paul & Joe Lipsticks

I know that lipstick sales have tanked hard during the pandemic, but I really still love lipstick. It’s my feel-good cosmetic product that always makes me feel put together and adult like. Is that a weird thing to say?

Eyeliner and mascara have always been my go-tos through my teens and 20s, and especially now since masks cover up my lips.

When it comes to lipstick, I’m constantly looking for that perfect shade and formula: neutral-ish (for my skintone), wearable during the day, slightly on the darker side, creamy (I’m talking glides on, no tugging, don’t have to apply a layer of lip balm before my lipstick). AND I FOUND IT!

Paul & Joe Lipsticks are hands down the funnest (okay, mildly frustrating; I’ll explain why) type of lipsticks I’ve ever used: they come as refills, so you can choose your case. Exciting moment for me: many of the cases are CAT THEMED! Amazing!

Things I love: Cute cases, beautiful unique colours, a lovely creamy formula that glides on without tugging, CUTE EVERYTHING. I’m easy to please, hahaha.

In order of my favourite > least favourite, here are my purchases (complete with photos):

Queue D’Ecrueuil (314) – My new favourite. It’s a cross between red and brown with a hint of plum, and is subtle enough to be worn during the day. WOOOO. This guy is in the pink cat case.

Avenue Montaigne (306) – A gorgeous deep neutral plum. This is from an older collection, so hunting down a case for it was a feat, but I managed to find one on Poshmark! It was half price at a local cosmetic shop in Regina where I supply products, so I went for it.

Fraise de Bois (215) – A sheer pink. Sadly, this one didn’t look great on me; I felt like it was a bit kiddish.

L to R, 215, 306, 314

Paul & Joe does numbers to indicate the sheerness of lipsticks: 100s are the sheerest, 200s are natural but darker, and 300s are full coverage.

Things I didn’t love: buying the case and lipstick separately is a bit of a butt pain (even though the cases are heckin’ cute) because it feels like you’re paying $30 for a lipstick instead of $20 for the whole shebang. I’m willing to overlook this!

Also not a big deal to me, but the formula has a bit of a “lipstick smell”, so not the citrus scent that Bite has, or the vanilla smell that MAC lipsticks have, but good old fashioned…floral? Gardenia? Like the smell you associate with lipstick if you’re a child that grew up in the 90s? It’s weirdly endearing, though. And not nearly as icky!

All in all, would definitely repurchase my favourite shade (314); I see myself using it often!

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    The packaging and colors look really nice

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