Whole30 Summer 2020 Days 25-30

Day 25: Errrrrr don’t remember

Day 26-28: Ditto

Day 29: Oveja con trufa cheese happened. It’s amazing if you can ever get your hands on it.

Day 30: I gave up…But I figured I’d eat 80-90% this way all of the time. Woot woot!

All in all, I love the Whole30 and love how it reset my eating habits and choices. I will literally buzz now from sugar.

My own eating habits and behaviours are getting better (while still confusing my husband). I do love the non-scale victories: clearer skin, less bloating, more energy (this was a big one for me).

I know the scale doesn’t dictate my worth, and I love that I don’t have to count anything on this program. In the past when I would count calories, I would get anxious and nothing would move. I know some programs/dietary suggestions are all for using the scale to “desensitize” you to it, but I’m truly just happy to feel comfortable and not think about a number.

10/10 recommend a Whole30 if you want a way to jumpstart your health. I will say, though, that it’s not a long-term sustainable option: I would lose it doing more than 2 months of this. I did say I’d do it with my sis-in-law in solidarity, but I think we’re both failing on that front, haha.

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