Whole30 Redo: Days 8-24

Day 8: I booked a boudoir session for the fall. I guess this is motivation?

Day 9: 2 meals had beanless chili. I’m at the point in my Whole30 where food feels like it’s for survival and not for enjoyment. I hate this.

Day 10: I’m so so so so close to eating goddamn popcorn. I luckily found an Rx bar in the pantry to tide me over. Ed asked me, “how was your $3 snack?”, to which I responded, “It saved me from eating popcorn covered in nutritional yeast.” I miss popcorn.

Day 11: Ed bought me cashew spread. That’s so great. I’ll just dip carrots and cucumbers in it. Sigh. I had ran to the bathroom for THREE nervous poops before I had a conversation with a mediator for work. Blarg.

Days 12: Errrr?

Day 13 : A blur. But I think I’ve lost some weight? Pooping lots. Still snacky AF at night. Naturopath gave me the go-ahead for feta and popcorn. Yup. That’s it. So I had them both in the same day. Bad idea.

She told me I basically should eat this way forever and that I’m “insulin resistant”…yeah, no. My blood work came back phenomenal, so I think I’ll just listen to my doctor.

Day 14: First restaurant outing tonight and first trip to the farm. I spent Days 14-16 trying to stick to things as much as possible, but I slacked off a bit (probably sugar in the rib sauce, couldn’t stick to everything).

Day 17: Popcorn is back in. WHAT IS WRONG WITH POPCORN?! MY OLD BRA FITS!

Day 18: I think I ate an Rx Bar

Day 19: Gastro troubles. Pooped 4 times.

Day 20: Rx bar for LATE breakfast, didn’t eat lunch until 3:30, supper at 8. No snacking. Had some gastro issues…

Day 21: Whoa, it’s Day 21. I’m going to have popcorn. *Gives middle finger to Whole30* Okay, but not really. I’ve had a really fantastic week: I finished my course on Monday, Tuesday I decided to say “eff it, I’m letting go” of my harassment complaint that dragged out for months, Wednesday wasn’t memorable, Friday I got to stay home and hang out with my kiddo for the first time in months (literally since the fall; it was lovely quality time), Saturday I got my kitty’s custom skull back after sending her body to my friend months ago and had family visit.

ASIDE: I have a friend that finds or is gifted skulls and creates gorgeous custom work. I asked her to do my sphynx’s, and she agreed! I know it sounds a little weird, but Middle Easterners don’t do cremation, so cremated pet remains seemed weirder to me. The skull is at least decorative and won’t make a giant mess if it falls off a shelf, haha.

Day 22: I watched Coneheads for the first time! My sis-in-law agreed to do a Whole30 with me. I may slack off towards the tail end of my current one and pick back up shortly. Also made cinnamon rolls for my nieces and nephew…

Day 23: Feeling like I have a cold coming on. Green snot.

Day 24: Feeling a little worse, but not the worst. Because of the whole COVID situation, I’ll be staying home and self-isolating. Had a shitty sleep and definitely didn’t sleep enough the last few days. But I really want a cinnamon roll. I froze the leftover brown butter icing and a few of the rolls so I can bake them fresh-ish. May settle for popcorn. Headache.

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