Dry Shampoo Extravaganza!

Going as long as humanly possible between washes is all the rage the last couple of years! And very appropriately, I washed my hair today (I managed to get 3 and a bit days between washes).

Last March, I was at a friend’s house with an acquaintance who is a hairdresser. I mentioned I have a hard time extending wash days more than every other day or 3 days tops. 3 days for me was a FEAT.

She had some really great suggestions that I put into effect and told me I should stop by to grab some products. I did, and have definitely not been disappointed. To be discussed soon!

Extending the time between wash days was also useful, considering I’ve toned my hair fun colours that run (purples/reds). Also washing hair cold = not my favourite at all. My toner is pretty much in that “faded but still clinging” phase, so I’m back to warm washes until it’s toned again. Also COVID-19. So I don’t expect I’ll be re-toning again in the next month or two.

For anyone looking to extend their wash days, THE TIME IS RIPE!

I was suggested one thing in particular that helped me extend my wash days in a huge way. Start slow: add one day to your wash days for a month. Then add another day between washes for the next month. Then another wash day for the next month until you can work up to a week (or whatever you’re comfortable with). For me, it’s about 4-5 days between washes at the moment.

I may have pushed too hard and tried to manage a week, and the results weren’t great. I washed my hair after a full week, and spent the rest of the week with a DRY as heck, dandruffy scalp. I think this is largely because I used a dry shampoo that was already not my favourite (Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo; it’s mostly cornstarch, so if you have an oily AF scalp, it’ll feel like you’ve baked a cake in your hair. And for me, it was weirdly itchy…). I had to toss it after this experience, otherwise I would have posted about it. To be fair, I also purchased it in 2017, so probably a good time to get rid of it.

You can tell by the picture I’ve gone dry shampoo mad. I think I’ve spent a small fortune on cosmetics lately in the name of the blog.

I’ll go left to right:

R+Co’s Sandcastles: It’s actually not TECHNICALLY a dry shampoo, but a texturizing cream paste. It’s very light, very fragranced (I believe it’s the same scent as Badlands). I like that it’s in a jar, so it’s great for travel. It does still absorb extra oil well, and it’s fantastic for keeping your wash going. I loved this one in the winter.

Days post wash for ideal use: Days 3+, especially if you’re putting your hair up, however, I managed to do a full week at work having my hair down using only Sandcastles. You’ll feel a touch of buildup, and it’s quite grippy, so ideal for putting your hair up and styling. It adds great volume!

EVO’s Water Killer (mini in Brunette, full-sized aerosol is for all hair colours): I didn’t know I paid a visit to my salon that the Brunette version smells different from the “regular” uncoloured version! Truthfully, I like the uncoloured plain version more. If it does leave a white film, you can just blow dry it out cold. You can also spray it heckin’ close your scalp after you’ve washed and work it in to extend your wash time (AMAZING!)

I personally reach for this guy when I really can’t wash my hair or really need to push for an extra day.

Days post wash for ideal use: Days 3+; I can get up to 5 or 6 days sans washing with this baby. Water Killer lives up to its name and just sucks up any residual grease without weighing your hair down.

R+Co’s Spiritualized: Love this one in the summer and for fixing the kink in my bangs in the morning. I pin them back at night, so a little spritz puts them back in place in the morning after I’ve washed my face. It’s technically a spray liquid, but you have to shake the bottle to get the white powder that sink to the bottom to combine with the liquid, spray, wait 30 seconds, rub it in then brush it in.

It’s a kind of micellar solution, so it’s light, dries quickly, and is cooling in the summer. I tend not to reach for it as often in the winter.

Days post wash for ideal use: Day 1 – Day 3; I find I need something heavier duty for days 3+

R+Co’s Badlands: This one was actually designed as a dry shampoo, and it’s a touch waxier in texture, while Sandcastles feels a lot grittier. It does a very similar thing to Sandcastles; you have to work the paste on your fingers and then rub it into your scalp. I find using this one the night before is the most effective for me. It’s also great if you’re putting your hair up and helps boost volume.

Days post wash for ideal use: Day 2 to 4

I’ve started to realize that one dry shampoo can’t do it all, but that each one has a different purpose or texture or scent that you come to love. I do find dry shampoos generally heavily scented, but all in all love the scents of the ones I’ve listed and how they work for my hair.

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