Cleaning Out My Closet

For the millionth time, I’ve run into a slight dilemma with the closet situation:

I have my pre-partum clothes (25 lbs less my current weight and could wear whatever I wanted – this includes fancy clothes and office clothes and a few casual pieces).

And I have my post-partum clothes (office wear since I started working again in November, casual pieces, leggings, pajamas).

I have small closets and used to have my daughter’s bedroom as my personal closet room This is no longer the case. At least, I’m trying to separate my stuff from her space.

Finally went through all of my clothes AGAIN (I mean, who doesn’t do this annually anyway?), and managed to organize everything and fill a bag of clothes that didn’t bring me joy/won’t fit/I don’t wear anymore.

I did what I’d call a combination Marie Kondo / Sara / 5S.

TANGENT: I started work in healthcare IT, so we have a lot of Lean language and tools that are used in my organization. 5S is actually a Japanese technique. Each “S” translates to:

  • Sort (Remove unnecessary items)
  • Set in Order (Keep necessary items in the correct place) – Need to work on this
  • Shine (Keep the space tidy and clean) – I suck at this
  • Standardize (Ensure that improvements are maintained) – Working on this…
  • Sustain (Sustain the new methods to continue improving)

I brought everything out of the closet from my daughter’s room and piled it on the bed in our spare room downstairs. I went through every piece, one by one, decided if I’ll wear it again, if I like it, if it fits, condition, etc., and made three piles: keep, don’t keep, and undecided piles.

I decided to keep most of my office clothes from before (some of them are 8+ years old at this point), since office clothes don’t really tend to go out of style a ton. A lot of the pieces were neutral or “fashion neutral”, so they won’t be dated in terms of style.

I noticed I kept a lot of pieces that I had a sentimental attachment to of the ones that didn’t fit me. Sigh. But overall, I feel good about how everything was organized and thoroughly “curated” to better suit my current lifestyle.

The end result:

  • My bedroom closet – houses the majority of my clothes that I wear on regular rotations. I separated my closet into two parts, organized by colour (ROY G BIV, baby!): office clothes (further back), and “home/casual” clothes (front for easy access considering we’re at home 99% of our time now)
  • Kiddo’s bedroom – the sweater drawer. Literally only sweaters live here. I still have my shoes behind her bedroom door, and I hang my clothes to air dry in there. Now that it’s warm enough outside, we’ve been trying to use the clothes line. I also just bought a lay-flat drying rack!
  • Basement spare room – Two plastic bins of office clothes that don’t fit (maybe they will one day!), and my clothing chest organized into clothes that fit on a seasonal rotation, clothes that don’t fit that I hope to fit again one day, and maternity specific clothes
  • Basement guest room closet – fancy clothes that fit and don’t fit. My hubby also keeps his suits in this
  • Basement hallway closet – Winter and fall coats (until seasons change and we rotate them again)
  • 1 bag of clothes to donate/gift, 1 bag of shoes to donate

I don’t love that my clothes are in different rooms in the house, but I’m glad that I organized it in a way that works for my home without sacrificing too many of the clothes I love.

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