Review: Essano Rosehip Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water

I made a point of traveling with an abridged version of my skincare routine this trip. I should know better by now: there are ways of shortening the process I’ve established, but certain products are essential to maintaining my complexion and overall health of my skin regardless of how much they weigh in my bag.

Alas, I did the thing I always do when taking the easy way out and made crazy decisions about what I did and did not need to bring. Cleansing oil? Hah. This little thing of grape seed oil will be fine. And why am I hauling around this giant foaming cleanser when I have this travel-sized bottle of completely different cleanser to use?


Long story short, I was in Winners picking out small replacements for things to use while I’m here. My first priority was a suitable make-up remover; I decided to go with micellar water, which I’ve been meaning to try. Hence, the title of this review.

Essano is a organic, natural skincare line based out of New Zealand. Their products are available online and range from cleansers to to moisturizers. Their micellar water is formulated with rosehip oil and aloe vera and claims to “latch onto the dirt, makeup and other impurities on your skin, removing them gently and effectively.” I purchased my 100 mL bottle from Winners for $4.99 CND.


Among the many things I left out of my travel bag for skincare was cotton pads. Normally, I have a stash by the sink, but I didn’t feel that I needed them this trip. As a result, I did have to apply the micellar water to my face with tissue, and this may have an impact on the efficacy of the product overall.

That being said, I did not notice that Essano’s micellar water was particularly effective. After several swipes of my forehead, I could still see foundation on my skin. Most of my eyeshadow was removed, but my mascara clung to my eyelashes despite applications of the micellar water. I ended up having to use the grape seed oil to break it down, then my foaming cleanser to get the rest of my make-up off my face. This is unusual for my skincare routine, where my Clinique cleansing oil breaks everything down before I’m able to wash the rest away.

What’s more is Essano’s claim that there is no rinsing needed. Perhaps this claim is based on people who wear less make-up or who favour certain formulations of products; however, I can attest to the fact that rinsing was most definitely needed. Cleansing was also needed. What’s more is I can’t imagine this is simply a matter of not having a cotton pad at my disposal. The micellar water should, ideally, remove my make-up or at the very least break it down to the point where it can be washed away.


I need to start bringing my own products with me when I travel. Regardless of the size, regardless of the weight: it’s not worth it to me to constantly have to purchase new items and risking a fifteen minute ordeal over the bathroom sink trying to clean my eyelashes when it’s past midnight and I just want to go to bed.

At any rate, I’m going to do my research on micellar water next time and find something a little more heavy-duty. There is probably a skin type and make-up regime that is ideal for it. Mine is not that routine.

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  1. This entry was super relatable and made me laugh, I always do this when I’m travelling. “I’ll be fine without (x product) for a few days!” … nope.


    1. schristovich says:

      LOL – and then we end up with so many new products, many of which don’t work! Always a mistake!


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