Review: Fenty Pro Filt’r Powder and Concealer

Last year was easily the Year of Fenty. I loved every single thing I tried from them, with few exceptions. Yes, the formula of the Stunna Lip Paint was a little thin, and yeah, the Flyliner had a little too much sheen for my liking, but overall, I found myself several new standards. I went back to Fenty Foundation even though I need to mix shades in order to create a perfect match. The Killawatt Highlighters are the best highlighters, period. Full stop.

Fenty has started off 2019 with a few launches. Up until recently, it was their Pro Filt’r Concealer and Powder. Like their foundations, the concealer and powders were released in a range of shades. I was so excited to give them a try. My Laura Mercier setting powder was running low, and while I have never used concealer much, I was willing to start for Fenty. Anything for Fenty.

Well, almost anything, as it turns out. But we’ll get into that in a second.

Fenty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer claims to provide full coverage with its sweat resistant formula. It is available in a whopping 50 shades. It retails from Sephora for $32 CND. The Pro Filt’r Retouch Setting Powder promises to reduce shine and minimize the look of pores. It’s available in 8 shades at full size and 4 shades in mini. The full size retails for $40 CND.


Yeah, yeah – looks great. The concealer is sleek and fits easily into my make-up kit. But the full-size Pro Filt’r Powder container is ungainly. It’s bulky. Having it in my make-up drawer is one thing, but I’m trying to think about putting it in my suitcase later this month when I travel, and it’s making me cringe. I could pick up the mini, but…well, let’s talk about the application.


The concealer formula was very thick, which I tend to like for a concealer, but it was also tacky. It started setting the second it was out of the bottle. I had to work fast to get it blended with my skin, and there seemed to be a fine line where the concealer went from being workable to being set. At one point, I was padding it with my Beauty Blender and product was coming off my face rather than staying on.

I tried to use the concealer before foundation, thinking that the principles of thin-sticking-to-thick might see greater success. However, in both cases, I found the concealer difficult to apply properly. I found I had better coverage with just my Fenty Foundation.


The powder was feathery light. I loved the texture. However, it’s scented. Perfumed. Usually, I’m ambivalent. One of my favourite foundations was the Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation, which did have that artificial peach scent. But the Peach Perfect foundation smell faded after application, and it work very, very well on my skin. The Fenty powder smell did not go away. Also, it did not wear well on my skin.



The efficacy of cosmetics can be so subjective. The Fenty Concealer did not wear well on me at all. The tackiness of the formula clung to my under-eye area, forming fine lines where there were no lines. Smiling, frowning, and emoting meant that by the end of the day, I had these fine, webbed creases in the product. The concealer also seemed to dry the area such that my eyes looked a little puckered in their sockets. The dark circles around my eyes were covered, but my eyes looked more sunken than ever. And mine are eyes like dinner saucers. I don’t need them to look any more bulbous.

The coverage from the concealer was excellent on other areas of my face. I was using Fenty foundation as my base, and I did test out different moisturizers while I was working with the concealer. I was worried about using a primer with how dry the concealer got on its own.

Sara and I were talking about how perhaps these products are designed for oilier skin types. I buy that. The Fenty foundation is marketed on Sephora’s site for combination skin, while the concealer is classified as best for oily (not that Sephora’s classifications are gospel. The efficacy of cosmetics really comes down to a person’s skin type and their preference). But I’ve since seen reviews that are as baffled with the experience using the product as I am. This formula is so drying and so quick to dry it’s difficult to get a grasp on how effective it is.


The Powder was also drying, which worked great to keep my forehead matte throughout the day. However, it was so effective that my foundation was breaking down. Maybe this is another case where it’s designed for an oilier skin type, but I’m curious to know about how a person with oily skin finds using all of these dry, dry products. Surely, at some point, it’s too much?

It certainly was on my skin.



It’s entirely possible that I just have the wrong face for these products. My skin has oily patches, but even its oil production coupled with an excessive moisturizing regimen was not enough to make either the concealers or powder work. I also find it strange that the products are strictly designed for one skin type. Maybe that’s the cost of the shade range: the formula is designed for oilier skin.

Ultimately, I chose to return them to Sephora. Fenty foundation is such that I don’t really need a concealer, so I’ll be holding off trying another for a while. Meanwhile, I’m happy to say that I have a fresh Laura Mercier powder to set my foundation, a product that wears wonderfully on my skin.

I’m not over my love of Fenty, not even close. Upon returning the powder, I immediately picked up one of their new bronzers to try (stay tuned for my thoughts on that). I love that their product line has stayed so small, focusing on doing a few things well instead of doing a whole bunch of things inconsistently. I hope that I’m alone in my experience of the concealer and the powder, but if that experience represents a misstep, I hope it’s temporary.

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