There’ll be Stye in the Eye When We Die

  • Disclaimer: All content and media on this blog is created and published online, and contain personal anecdotes. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the tail end of my second stye in less than a year. Postpartum life really can wreak havoc on your immune system (at least that’s what I’m seeing)! Sigh. My first one was when babykins was 5 weeks old (July). This one appeared when I HAPPENED TO BE WEARING MAKE-UP.

    What does this mean?

    Goodbye $38 Shiseido Eyeliner…you were okay. I’m sad I spent so much on you. Okay, I’m sure I can salvage it. But right now I’m annoyed.

    Some people think a stye is just an eyelid pimple. Sadly, it’s not just *just* an eyelid pimple: it’s an infected oil gland in your eyelid. Ew. Not a wild infection that will mess up your life (in most cases!) They’ll usually last a few days or weeks. If you want it gone stat, I suggest heading to your doctor or a walk in. I got these crazy fast eye drops that tasted like crap. YES. I put them in my eye and could taste them in my mouth. Definitely put them in my eye if you’re wondering. My pharmacist made a comment about it when I was picking them up.

    So. How do we prevent these wonderful hurty, annyoing infected eyelid pimples? Because prevention = awesome.

    The following: 

    • Sharing make-up is always a bad idea. ALWAYS. My sis-in-law told me my niece used someone else’s mascara at school. I wanted to barf a little and yell at my niece about all of the nasty eye-area infections she could get.
    • Cleaning your brushes regularly (like after every time you use them) is a great idea.
    • It’s why regularly sanitizing your make-up is also a good idea.


How to sanitize your makeup (an interlude):

Find, or dilute rubbing alcohol to 70% and put in a spray bottle.

Take your powder eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters out of their palette (if they’re magnetic), and spray them.

Take care not to sanitize your eyeshadows over a table or surface that can be wrecked. You can spray items individually over a metal sink if you’re concerned about stripping paint or ruining your countertops. If you’re really careful, you can lay down some aluminum with some paper towel over top and spray your make-up.

For cream products and lipstick tubes, you can also spray them down with 70% rubbing alcohol to sanitize them.

I think this concludes my stye rant. Thankfully it’s gone now and I can resume normal eye makeup activities! Maybe my Juvia’s place palette, finally. Sigh.


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