Review: Colourpop Dream St.

I admit this was purchase strictly to qualify for free shipping, but – not to get ahead of myself in a review – I’m very happy that I ordered this palette.

The Colourpop Dream St. palette is a collaboration with Kathleen Lights. It is twelve pressed eyeshadows – some mattes and metallics – ranging from warm neutral to cool-toned brights. It seemed to me like an ideal palette to have. It’s versatility is evident. This is a palette that I could see traveling well and generating a number of looks.

The Dream St. palette is available on the Colourpop website for $16 (USD). The site offers free US shipping for purchases over $30 and free shipping to Canada for purchases over $50.


The look of this packaging is lovely. I like the cream and rose gold colour combination. Colourpop palettes are built solidly, so I know they stand up to travel well. I will say I miss having a mirror for application on the go. There’s rarely a time when I need one, but having one would be nice.

Like the Good Sport palette, the Dream St. palette includes the names of the eyeshadows not only on the back of the palette but also underneath the pans of shadows inside the palette. This makes them a lot easier to identify.



I mentioned this on my review of the Good Sport palette, but some of Colourpop’s matte shadows are very tightly pressed. This means they generate a lot of fallout in the pan when loading brushes. However, I have never had a problem blending them onto the lid or crease.

The Stand-Outs

There are a lot of them in this palette: I love Moony, Magical, Potion, and Elfish. They are ideal for creating neutral, everyday looks. Spark adds such a beautiful warmth to any look created with this palette and pairs nicely with not only the browns but also the greens. My favourite, my absolute favourite shadow in this palette is Water Bearer, the deep forest green. The cool undertones on this shadow are brilliant, and it wears true to the colour in the pan. It does not need a lot of building to achieve full opacity on the lid.

Sweet Dreams and Kaleidoscope are the stand-out metallics for this palette. They are buttery smooth and have a lot of dimension.

The Meh-s

Star Dust and Twinkle are every copper-toned metallic shadow I own. I can barely tell them apart from each other let alone the other shadows in my collection.

The Let-Downs

Only one let-down in this palette: Mermaid Boy. The shimmering deep metallic teal takes a long time to build on the lid and fades easily when blending with other colours. I had to reapply this a couple of times to get it opaque and over the course of the day, its payoff declined.

Even with that one shadow, though, I still gotta give this palette a 5/5. One out of 12 is not nearly enough for me not to recommend this palette.


With a base, I can get 8-10 hours of solid wear out of these colours. The only exception seems to be Mermaid Boy, which I mentioned has the tendency to fade. The other shadows stay true to their application.



I’ve heard criticism that this palette is reminiscent of a dozen of other Colourpop palettes, and I think that’s a fair claim to make. Colourpop seems to be recycling colour stories, as do other make-up brands, so if you already own a Colourpop palette or a palette from another brand, Dream St. might not be on your radar for purchase.

However, I think the cost and quality of Colourpop palettes more than justifies this for a person’s collection. It is a complete palette that yields a variety of looks, some neutral and some more bold. It would be an ideal travel palette for someone looking for a little bit of flair on the go.

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