All of the nipple creams. All of them.

Disclaimer: All content and media on this blog is created and published online, and contain personal anecdotes. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

I haven’t complained about this in the blogosphere before, but I figure I’ve got a bit of time to kill, why not chronicle my crazy breastfeeding experience?

I posted my postpartum post about thrush (a yeast infection) on the nipples: turns out I was misdiagnosed and was treated for the wrong thing.

Here’s the whole story (I condensed it a lot):

3 weeks in, I was taking less naproxen (painkillers) and started noticing a nasty shooting pain in my right breast that would radiate into my shoulder and back. This persisted. I talked to my midwife. The Internet told me it was thrush. I lie in bed at 4 am panicking. I had a stye in my eye (GAH), and went to a walk-in for that and mentioned I had thrush and that I needed the hard stuff. They gave it to me.

I applied the “hard stuff” for 2 weeks. It wasn’t working. Cue the oral medication that doesn’t actually do anything for systemic thrush. Great.

My brother-in-law (a doctor) and sister-in-law (a pharmacist) told me something’s not right with my treatment. My brother-in-law suggested it was vasospasms or Raynaud’s of the nipple. I stopped using the topical and oral meds right away, and swapped them out for hot compresses. I felt better!

3 months in, I met with a lactation consultant. Things got a little better with the creams and suggestions she made (baby going to chiro was the biggest one; only took 1-2 sessions!).

6 months in, I feel like I’m suffering, and will likely have this issue throughout my entire time breastfeeding. Great. I talk to my doctor and do a breast exam: my blood pressure is too low to take nifidepine (a medication given to people with Raynaud’s). The blood tests come back negative; I don’t have an autoimmune issue that would indicate I have Raynaud’s. FUN.

My doctor says she’s moving, I find a new doctor who was awesome. He spent an hour with me, even though he’d never heard of Raynaud’s of the nipple, called the pharmacist while I was in the room to prescribe me a new cream. So far so good! For the first time in 6 months, my nipple felt normal!

See photo of all of the creams and potions I’ve accumulated in the featured image. Not pictured: Gentian Violet.

And since we mentioned Gentian Violet, my pharmacist was on about how ridiculous this prescription was, same with my pharmacist sis-in-law. NO ONE EVER USES THIS. Unless you’re using it to dye slides in a lab for microscope work. If you want to wreck someone’s life (maybe their year?), get a bottle of Gentian Violet, dump it into a spray bottle and spray it all over their home. It doesn’t come out.

Other note: if you’re having really nasty chapped lips, the Lansinoh (purple tube far left) is great as a lip balm for sensitive lips. All lips, but if you’re sensitive to everything, highly recommend the Lansinoh. The tube is huge. It will last you an eternity.

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