Sara’s Beauty Favourites 2018

2018 was a year full of product testing for me. SO MANY FUN PRODUCTS! Actually, there are so many products I love from this last year that I could (and will) do an exclusive skincare favourites post later on. For this one, I decided to stick with products I’ve used most frequently this last year

Neuma Beauty’s Smoothing Creme (brown bottle) and Argan Oil (yellow bottle) – These products have a sort of funny story. I went to get a haircut from my only long-term hairdresser in Saskatoon (when I need a haircut and happen to be in Saskatoon for more than a day / all the stars align, I see her), and she busted out these products. I didn’t see the packaging, but I noticed they smelled divine. Citrus-y, not too overpowering, didn’t leave a film or residue in my hair. You know what I’m talking about: you leave the salon sometimes and wash your hair and style it yourself because of how much gunk is in your hair. This was 1000% not the case. Fast forward two weeks later, I’m at a gala, sitting next to a hairdresser and I’m telling her I tried these out in Saskatoon a few weeks ago. Turns out, she’s the only salon in Regina to carry Neuma! The great part is you can actually order from their website. I do a little squirt of the smoothing cream and two squirts of the Argan hair oil and work it into my wet hair, concentrating on the ends. I typically let my hair air dry. If I need a little more, I’ll add more smoothing cream when I’m heat styling my hair.

Elate Cosmetics Lipstick in Muse – THIS SHADE IS DISCONTINUED. So naturally, I called the stores that carry Elate in town and bought up their last 4 tubes. It was $20 for 4 tubes. Yes. $5 a tube?!?!?!?! What the what. Elate, you crazy bastards, bring it back! I gave my best friend of 21 years my half-used slightly-melted-in-the-summer tube that I had on me while I was in Thunder Bay over the holidays. That’s love right there. Okay, I’m going to go on about this shade: It’s great for every day, it’s easy to dress up, it’s got the most beautiful BEAUTIFUL pinky-nude undertone with this gold shimmer. I, personally, would have named the shade “Gold Dust Woman” after the Fleetwood Mac song, but it’s too damn long; “Muse” sums it up nicely. I keep it in my backpack (sometimes diaper bag).

Elate Cosmetics Pressed Cheek Colour in Dew – I’m crazy for highlighters, but I don’t have a ton (this is my second) in my make-up arsenal. This one made me feel pretty without overdoing it. That’s so tacky, but it’s gorgeous. A lot of Elate’s products come without packaging, tube items aside (mascara, lipsticks, etc.) to encourage sustainability. The aluminum pan the powder is pressed into is recyclable. I bought an unpackaged version to pop into my bamboo Elate buildable palette. Z-palette? What are the kids calling the empty magnetic palettes these days?

Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss in Black Coffee and Liquified Lipstick in Cassava – More everyday go-tos. The Liquid Lipstick is a gorgeous classic red, so I tend to wear it when there’s a special occasion, or layered over one of Bite’s Amuse Bouche lipsticks. You’ve probably heard me rant about how I don’t care for matte anything: both of these products have a glossy finish…hence the name, “lip gloss”.

Australis Banana Powder – You’ve heard me rave last year about the concealer. This baby is great if you can’t be bothered to wear foundation and need to quickly mattify (I still hate matte), set your foundation, or cover up some discolouration. There’s also Strawberry Powder for cool-toned complexions! I’m not entirely sure how either product works for darker skin tones, but I imagine since it applies translucent, it should work on a wide range of skin tones. Anyone have a verdict on this one? I’m interested to know the skin tone situation.

Jenny Savage Loose Eyeshadow Queen’s Ransom Trio – Found this on my trip to New Orleans! It has the most gorgeous, pigmented, loose gold eyeshadow ever that sticks like a dream; I’m talking zero fallout. I haven’t played with it a ton, but I love the gold for the inner corner of the eye. I think the red would make for a nice light monochrome coloured lid.

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner – Sarah’s recommendation and it looks like it’s on her list, too! I love it a lot! It applies smoothly in a couple of strokes and doesn’t move. It applies like a dream. Enough said. Bury me with this, please.

Naked Heat Palette – I splurged last December and got a Naked Heat Palette. Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing any more eyeshadow in the near future. The Juvia’s Place palette made me realize how little I use eyeshadow, I have enough for my entire lifetime. However, I do bring this palette with me on most trips, and I do like the colour range (lots of medium tones).

Woodlot’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm – It’s a product I picked up from my friend Elsie’s shop, Ritual Skin Co in Thunder Bay! I love the texture, how hydrated my skin feels, and the smell (which, okay, I like it, but it needs some toning down; slightly too loud for my liking). I do tend to use this solo if I’m stepping in the shower, but if I’m not heading into the shower, I do use a water-based cleanser as a second cleanse, as the cleansing balm on its own does tend to feel a little greasy on the skin after drying off my face. I’m not an advocate for skipping moisturizer, but I could skip it with this product if I couldn’t be bothered to double cleanse. All this to say, I love this cleansing balm a lot but definitely use it as part of a double cleanse. My face feels gorgeous after this has been on it.

Products I’d like to try for 2019:

  • More Shiseido make-up; I’m very interested in their foundation and picked up their new Kajal all-in-one eyeliners recently. The science-meets-beauty feel that Shiseido infuses into their products is up my alley.
  • A glowy foundation that I’d be willing to wear on the regular. Feeling the sleep deprivation on my complexion lately.

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  1. Looove the Naked Heat Palette!!


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