Sarah’s Beauty Favs 2018

We started off this blog with a round-up of beauty favourites from 2017; it’s only fitting we should kick off the new year reflecting on beauty favourites from 2018.

I worried, when I put together my list of Beauty Busts, that I didn’t try a whole lot this year, but going through my make-up drawers, I absolutely did. I just happened to love most of it! There were not a lot of products I tried that didn’t work well for me!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Liner

I included this on my list of 2018 Beauty favs, but I’m putting it here because I originally planned to swap it out for my old standard, MAC Fluidline. However, there is no black matte gel liner out that that compares to the sheer perfection of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay liner. It has the perfect viscosity for a smooth application. It is opaque on the first stroke. It dries jet and matte and beautifully, and I’m sorry for ever doubting its quality.

Fenty Foundation

I’m going to try and keep this list from becoming the Fenty show, but I used a lot of Fenty product this year, and every single thing I tried impressed the hell out of me. I know some people dislike Fenty foundation. I am not one of those people. This was the perfect matte foundation for my skin. The coverage was exactly what I was looking for. It has great longevity and applies well with either a brush or a beauty blender. The only difficulty I’m running into is finding my shade match. Right now I’m mixing two shades, and that’s not tenable in the coming year.

Fenty Killawatt Highlighter

Fenty’s Killawatt highlighters are not for everyone. They are utterly glorious and bombastic in terms of their payoff. Definitely not for the faint of heart. But they’re my absolute favourite. Fenty has a highlighter for every skin tone, and their formula blends beautifully with the skin to provide this amped up glow on the cheek or eyes. I am in love.

Fenty 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer

Last Fenty product, I promise. I normally don’t like cream eyeshadows normally since I find they’re prone to creasing on my lids, but Fenty’s Liquid Eye Shimmer held up for hours of wear comfortably after application. Best of all, it can be toned down or turned up with the addition of sparkles. It’s everything I want in an eye product.

Colourpop Eyeshadow

My sister and I traded palettes this summer, and I am so glad we did. Colourpop’s I Think I Love You palette was my go-to palette for a while, the perfect travel companion with all the shadows I needed for neutral looks. I’ve since added two more to my collection. As with all palettes, some of the shadows work better than others, but overall, these are cost-effective collections that have become essential in my make-up routine. I’ll be doing a full review in the coming weeks and talking about some of the highlights from the collection.

Anastacia Aurora Glow Kit

I was not going to buy this palette; I thought the shades in it were far too strange and bold for my fair skin. However, when it appeared at Winners, I couldn’t resist picking it up just for the fun of it. And I am so happy that I did, because as it turns out, Aurora is far better suited to my highlighting needs than Moonchild, which is a palette I raved about in January of last year. The shade range only looks intimidating, but the gold flecks and soft undertones make it ideal for the everyday. I probably reach for this one now more than any of my other palettes. Best of all, you can find it at Winners for almost half its original price.

NARS Blush

I didn’t think anything could usurp MAC for blushes, but NARS did it this year. Their shade Bumpy Ride is my go-to blusher, and I’ll be looking to them for my next shade when I finally pan this one.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

An old favourite of mine that made a triumphant return to my make-up routine this year. Clinique’s High Impact Mascara is a fantastic formula, bulking up my fine lashes without adding unwieldy length. Best of all, travel-sized tubes of this stuff are a permanent fixture in the Sephora Rewards program, so it’s easy and cost-effective to get your hands on it.

Clinique Cleansing Balm

Originally, I was going to put Lush’s Ultra Bland on this list, but Clinique’s Cleansing Balm is just better. I got it as a sample in my Sephora purchase, and it is absolutely the best product I’ve used for make-up removal. It has the benefits of an oil cleanser with the strength of a balm, meaning the natural oils of my skin are protected but all my make-up comes off. This is the product I used when I was cleaning alcohol paint off my skin on Hallowe’en, and anything that can remove alcohol-based face paint without hurting my sensitive face is worth using.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

I stand by my assertion that the casual make-up wearer does not need a face primer. A solid foundation will give you hours of wear without an extra product to make it work. However, MAC’s Prep+Prime Fix+ is more than just a face primer. It is the greatest glitter adherent ever. If you are like me and enjoy putting sparkles on your face, this is an essential. Load a flat eyeshadow brush with product, spritz with Fix+, and pack onto the eyelid, and then marvel at how little fallout there is! Be amazed at how long your glitter lasts!

Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner

This is a brand new purchase for me. I picked it up after finally having a haircut this holiday. Normally, I find leave-in conditioners to be too heavy for my fine hair, but this one is the perfect weight. It really helps give me a day between washes by keeping my ends nice and moisturized without making them oily. It also has this wonderful scent to it. Best of all, the bottle is massive, and on my fine hair, a little bit goes a long way, so I shouldn’t have to replace this anytime soon.


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  1. theswejournal says:

    The Clinique cleansing balm is like the best product in the world! I have a full blown review of it on my blog and it’s also in my latest empties, i just can’t get enough of it! So worth buying the full size!


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