Surprise Saturday Post: Beauty Busts 2018

Hello, all!

Apologies, up front, that this blog has gone quiet: it has been a very busy year here for both of us, and December has been one of the busiest months of all. But we’re coming back for another year of beauty blogging, and I thought it only fitting to get a fresh start by airing my beauty grievances in a kind of belated Beauty Festivus.

I should mention, here, that 2018 was a good year for make-up and me! I didn’t have a lot of Beauty Busts. Most of the products I’m about to list are skincare. On that note, I will post the usual disclaimer that beauty and skincare products work differently for everyone. What was a bust for me may be exactly what you’re looking for in terms of make-up or skincare.

That being said, these products did not work me, and I won’t be using them again anytime soon!

MAC Fluidline

I remember posting my top ten favourites at the beginning of this year lamenting about no longer using Fluidline. I liked Tarte’s Amazonian Clay liner well enough, but it was nothing compared to my one true gel liner, the gel liner that started it all, MAC Fluidline. As soon as my pot of Amazonian Clay liner was used up, I immediately went to MAC and restocked.

And then I very quickly ordered a new pot of Amazonian Clay from Sephora, because damn, MAC Fluidline, what happened to you?

I had a huge crisis of faith the first time I applied Fluidline. The formula was so thin! I kept getting streaks during application! Sure, the product dried matte enough, but it was so patchy I needed to apply several coats to make it fully black. I started wondering if my new Anastacia brush was the problem; alas, no, even with my old MAC 210, the Fluidline didn’t apply consistently.

Being that I don’t have an old pot of Fluidline to use as a comparison, I can’t say for certain if this was always the way the formula worked. Memory is a finicky thing, too. I don’t know if the formula was perfect or it was simply the one I had always used. However, I can say that Fluidline is no longer worth the price of purchase. Too much hassle for a product that another company does better.

Milk Foundation

I reviewed this foundation about a month ago, so if you want to read my grievances in full detail, you can find the page here. However, if you want a quick summary of my concerns: the foundation applies so thickly and is prone to cracking and creasing when worn. If you are looking for a good medium-coverage foundation, there are plenty of other options, one of which I’ll post about in my Beauty Favs on Tuesday.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

I completely forgot that I tried these things until I went digging through my make-up drawers! You can find my full review here, but there are plenty of videos and blogs detailing why magnetic false lashes don’t work. I can see the value in this concept for sure! However, it’s near impossible to get these blended with the natural lashline without using glue. Best to stick with traditional lashes.

First Aid Beauty Face Wash

This one came as a surprise. First Aid Beauty is marketed as hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin types. I was excited to find a face cleanser with a lower price than my old standard as well. But from the smell to the formula, I did not like First Aid Beauty’s cleanser. Not at all. It globbed out of the bottle looking and smelling like hand soap. It left my face raw and red even with an oil cleanser as a buffer. 0/10. Would not recommend.

First Aid Moisturizer

I picked up this lotion on a trip out of town when I had forgotten all my many other lotions at home. This is a pretty typical story for me, by the way. I’m frequently moisturizing my hands, but hell if I can remember to bring a bottle with me when I’m traveling. I kept First Aid Moisturizer in my purse until I found myself reaching for it continuously. The lotion works for a couple of hours, but then it seems to have a drying effect on the skin. At least on my hands. I swapped this one out quickly, and I won’t be going back to it again. Even if I find myself – as I usually do – out of town without my lotion.


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