Surprise, your skin hates you!


he last few times I’ve worn eyeshadow, my eyelids feel itchy. Like they’re wearing a wool sweater. This. Has. Never. Happened. Before. Skin, why you hate me?!

Part of me suspects the massive hormonal fluctuations I’ve gone through the last few months could be one of the culprits, but I’m not entirely certain. My husband suggested I hang onto my eyeshadows to see if they bother me later down the road.

Yesterday, I did what I thought was a really fun eye look with metallic shadows, and it itched so bad I had to take it off 20 minutes after I’d finished (pictured). All of them were MAC shadows, too. My precious, expensive MAC shadows are irritating my delicate eyelid skin!

I’ll be experimenting the next couple of weeks when I go out with fun eyeshadows and rate their itch factor, but I’ll be super strategic about how I assess which ones bother my eyelids.

I typically lay down a nude eyeshadow (MAC’s Kid), which is the same colour as my skin tone, overtop of primer just to have a nice base for blending, so maybe I’ll nix that and see how it goes.

Isolating the cause of my eyeshadow irritation checklist:

  • Patch all of the eyeshadows on my forearm to see if any irritation develops – leave on for 1 hour.
  • One look with a single matte shadow – MAC’s Kid, my go-to.
  • Reds and pinks – to rule out a carmine sensitivity, because the Internet suggested this might be one of the problems.
  • Metallics – super irritating already with the last look I did (MAC’s Humid, Knight Divine, and UD’s Scorched from the Naked Heat palette) but I’ll try it again just to see – with a base of Kid
  • Metallics no base colour underneath.
  • Exclusively the Naked Heat Palette mattes.
  • Naked Heat Palette mattes with a metallic overtop.
  • Naked Heat metallics.
  • Juvia’s Place mattes (yeah, so I jumped on the Magic palette because Cyber Monday…)
  • Juvia’s Place metallics.

I suspect that it’s largely the MAC shades that are bugging me. I’ve worn other colours the last few weeks, and they didn’t make my eyelids itch nearly as much as yesterday. Sigh.

Anyone else have this problem?

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