Review: Milk Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

I’m shopping through my collection lately, trying to keep myself on a strict spend-fast. The process has been therapeutic but also unnerving: Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taunted the hell out of me, and rubbing salt into that wound is the growing realization that there’s a lot of my make-up collection I didn’t even know I had.

One buried treasure was several samples of Milk Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, which I put to the test over the past several weeks. Unlike other foundations, I tested this out with a primer and without (the opportunity simply presented itself). Here’s what I thought.


Especially irrelevant in this case because I was working from sample pots.


Compared to my usual foundations, Milk Blur Liquid Matte was thick. I overestimated my first application and ended up with a cake face. My subsequent applications went better. Milk’s foundation provides medium to heavy coverage and sets perfectly matte. I had more luck applying it with a brush than my standard beauty blender, as I found the brush applied the product a little more liberally.



Reminder, here, that everybody’s skin is a little bit different; what works on me might not work on you and vice versa. That being said, Milk Blur Liquid Matte foundation did not work on me. After finessing my application, I still found there was no amount of wear that worked on me. With a primer or without, the foundation settled into and deepened the appearance of fine lines on my face. There was significant breakdown around my nose. Oddly enough, for a foundation that was clearly drying, I ended one of my evenings with a giant glossy patch in the centre of my forehead (this was without a primer).

What’s more is that the formula oxidizes at least a full shade darker than how it applies. Prior to setting, the lightest shade of the foundation is a perfect match to my skin tone. By the time I finished applying the rest of my make-up, I was frantically powdering and blending in order to hide how much darker my face appeared than my neck. The foundation also significantly warmed in tone, which isn’t a look I go for. This presents problems for people who are as fair or fairer than me.



I am in the market for a new foundation formula, and I was hoping that this could fill the role; however, Milk’s Blur Liquid Matte foundation is simply too drying to work on my skin. Oilier skin types may have better luck with the formula. For now, I’m going to stick to my Fenty and hope my current quantity of it sees me through my spend-fast.

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