Do I Need…? Melt’s Smoke Sessions Palette

I need to unpack another irrational desire this week, because Melt’s newest palette drops this Friday and boy, oh, boy, do I want the crap out of it despite only seeing myself using four of the shadows.

Melt Cosmetics came to my attention thanks to their Gemini palette, a gorgeous array of golds and greens that broke with the monotony of pink-purple-sultry palettes I was seeing in Sephora. The palette is available again on the website (thank goodness), but a quick visit to Melt’s IG reveals that this Friday, they’re dropping Smoke Sessions. This is not your average smokey palette – oh, no. It’s a cannabis-themed palette starring dark greens, golds, and teals, and my brain went from, “This colour selection doesn’t make sense,” to, “We need this now,” too fast for me not to interrogate myself.

What Is It?

Melt’s Smoke Sessions is an eyeshadow palette consisting of eight eyeshadows: six metallics and two mattes. The shades range from warm coppers and golds to jewel-toned greens and teals, with a dark brown and a dark green for building depth. I’m assuming the palette will retail for somewhere around $58 (USD) because that’s the current cost of the Gemini palette.

The palette is – interestingly – cannabis-inspired, and the novelty of this is not lost on me as a Canadian. This past weekend marks 1 month of cannabis legalization here in Canada. Each of the colours in the Smoke Sessions palette are named for different strains of cannabis, and the shadows actually come stamped with a cannabis leaf.

Do They Work?

Reviews for Melt eyeshadows are overwhelmingly positive. There isn’t a lot online about the overall quality of Smoke Sessions specifically, but the Gemini palette earned a bunch of praise. For all intents and purposes, these are high quality shadows that wear well, that bland beautifully, and I cannot emphasize enough how original this palette is. I don’t care that it’s cannabis-inspired so much as I care that the colour ‘story’ in the palette, the variety of shadows that actually come with this palette, are so dang original. This isn’t a palette of cool-toned neutrals with four pop colours; this isn’t twenty, muddy-looking jewel-tones that get paraded out every holiday season. These are bright greens and icy teals. This is a palette that comes with a whole bunch of different looks ranging from smoky to sultry to playful to bold. This is a palette that stands out, and the people who own it will likewise stand out.

Do I Need It?

Time for me to take a step back from the ledge. No, I don’t need this palette. I know, I know – I don’t need any eyeshadow palettes, but I really don’t need this palette. As much fun as it would be to use this palette as a conversation-starter, to review it here for the blog, to model looks on IG, this is the sort of palette I would use once or twice and then struggle to integrate into my routine. The number of metallics in this palette alone should be shutting down my brain’s compulsive need to shop for new make-up. I wear foils so irregularly; green- and teal-toned ones even less so.

I started this year by purchasing a themed, collab palette because the colours really worked for me, and it’s a palette that gets a lot of play in my collection, but I really need to take my own advice on this one and not. Just not. Whatever money I could spent on Smoke Sessions is money that could be put to better use for my collection, either by purchasing Melt’s Gemini palette (look at those oranges and greens! Oh, it’s gorgeous!) or by saving for a purchase I really need to make.



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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    If you still are on the fence on Melt , Makeup Revolution has a similar color story for less . I was honestly thinking of picking it up . I think its called Chilled .


    1. schristovich says:

      Thank you for the tip! I ended up seriously indulging on Melt products this year, and it’s good to know there are dupes out there.

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