Surprise Saturday Post: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser Review

The past couple of times I’ve been to Sephora, I’ve asked about skincare. I’m looking to switch up some products, not because my routine isn’t working but because change is good. Trying new things is good. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the recommendations are centering more and more on one brand. When I asked for a new serum back in July, I was directed to First Aid Beauty. When I asked about hand cream? First Aid Beauty. New foaming cleanser? First Aid Beauty.

I’m a skeptical person. This level of consistency didn’t suggest quality; it suggested collusion. Which is fine, really: Sephora is allowed to pair with brands, to promote products based on business relationships. And who knows? Maybe First Aid Beauty really is the new favourite for Sephora employees. It does make my job as a consumer more difficult though, because I can never be sure if I’m being recommended something based on what I need or what their business relationship says they need to promote.

First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser is touted as a solid foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. All of First Aid Beauty’s products are designed for sensitive skin types, and I’ve seen them recced by people with acne-prone skin too. It retails for $40 (CAD) on Sephora’s website for 237 mL of product. It’s also available in a Standard Size of 50 mL and a mini size.


The tube looked great.


First Impressions

This stuff smells and looks like hand soap. And not just any kind of hand soap, either. Remember those old cream soaps, the ones with the glossy sheen that came out of the bottle looking like wilted cake frosting? That’s what this stuff looks like. That it smells like hand soap doesn’t make it any more appealing.



I did have a small break-out this week, but that generally happens when I switch out products from my skincare routine. Also, it’s report card week. Stress could easily be to blame.

The Face Cleanser lathers fine, but it feels more astringent and drying than my usual foaming cleanser. I noticed that there were pink and red areas after washing for thirty seconds, and these lingered after I washed the product off. I anticipate this kind of reaction for a new product, but I got this kind of irritation every single time I used the product. It just doesn’t feel as gentle as my standard foaming cleanser, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.



This product didn’t work for me. I appreciate the use of natural ingredients and that it is cruelty-free, and I have had luck with First Aid Beauty serum; however, I can’t get past the idea that I’m rubbing soap on my face. I’m already guilty of drying out my skin; I don’t need this product to help.

Sigh…thank goodness Sephora is running another 20% off sale this weekend. Just in time for me to replenish my standard face wash.

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