Review: Fenty Stunna Lip Paint

2018 will go down in my personal history books as the Year Fenty Won My Heart Over and Over Again. I have yet to try a product from their line that disappoints me. The foundation is my new standard, the Flyliner is always in my travel kit, and the Killawatt highlighter is so brilliant I damn near bought the new holiday palette despite only seeing myself wearing one shade.

The line launched with one shade of Lip Paint back in 2017, and while it is a bold, warm-toned red (a shadow that I am a sucker for), I held off, reminding myself that I own too many of those to justify adding another to my collection. I feel justified in my decision to wait though. Fenty just dropped a few more shades of Stunna Lip Paint including a matte black shade called “Uninvited.” And if there’s one kind of matte liquid lipstick I am in the market for, it’s black.

Fenty Stunna Lip Paint retails for $30 (CAD) on Sephora’s website. There are currently five shades including three nudes, a universal red, and a universal black.


I have to amend my earlier statement about not caring about packaging. Apparently, I don’t care about packaging when I don’t notice the packaging. This is especially true for lip products, where I’m all about function over form, neutrals over bright colours.

Fenty’s packaging is pretty. The Stunna Lip Paints come in a sturdy, conical-shaped bottle with a lengthy handle on the applicator. It’s easy to find in my teacher bag and my purse, and it’s one of the few products that stands above the morning volcanic eruption of make-up products across my vanity-top. But, as with Bite’s packaging, I’m just kind of meh about it. I don’t think it makes the product more accessible. It doesn’t add to the application process. I’m dreading when I’ve reached the dregs of the lipstick and have to try and scrape the remains of the product from inside, product I’ll be able to see but probably won’t be able to reach.



There’s a bit of a learning curve associated with Fenty Lip Paint. The sponge applicator has the most bizarre shape I’ve ever seen. It has a small, spade-shaped tip to help with creating smooth, even lines and reaching the points around the cupid’s bow, but then it tapers in on the sides so that you can use the concave edge to apply to the rest of the lip. It’s kind of ingenious, actually, since I find larger sponge applicators in other liquid lipsticks difficult to apply, but I also have no idea what I’m doing with this applicator yet, so I don’t know if I’m jumping the gun in calling this brilliant or if it’s more of an Emperor’s New Clothes-type situation.

Fenty Applicator
There is a method behind the madness of this applicator, but I have yet to master it.

Also, I need a minute to talk about the formula, because it’s thin. It doesn’t run or anything, but it seems like it could. Lowest viscosity of any liquid lip product I’ve ever seen. You need to press hard in order to get a precision application, but if you do, you’ll leave streaks because less product runs over the lips. I had to apply one coat, wait for it to dry (which it did quickly), and then apply a second coat. I also have yet to apply it without accidentally over-lining my upper lip (yet another learning curve I’m currently riding).



Omg, this stuff is amazing. Like…after all my comments about figuring out how to apply this stuff to opacity and how high my eyebrows got over the shape of the applicator sponge, I’m about to launch into another love letter to a Fenty product, because this stuff is that good.

First off, once this stuff dries, it’s stunning. Uninvited is a true jet black matte liquid lipstick, and while I can’t attest to its universality (being just one person with one skin tone), I can say that it looked amazing next to my skin. There’s no berry, blue, or brown undertones that shine through. It’s black. It’s black through and through, and it stays black all day.

Fenty Lip Paint doesn’t move either: not for love, money, whatever you had for lunch, the fact that you lecture for thirty minutes straight about how to divide with fractions (welcome to grade 8 math, everyone!) This stuff stays where you put it and does not move, and staring at myself in the mirror after lunch at my still-flawless pout of black lips made me completely forget about the fact that I couldn’t stay to the lines my upper lip when applying it that morning.

Best of all, unlike my other liquid lipsticks, which are particularly drying, Fenty’s formula didn’t irritate my lips by midday. I found that while the formula stayed in place, it didn’t crack or burn, and I could freshen it up without worrying about hurting my lips.



I said on my review of Bite lipstick that $30 is a steep price to pay for a cream lipstick that I would best describe as solid; I have similar feelings about Fenty’s Lip Paint. Despite my glowing review of the wear, I’m reluctant to invest in another shade because of how liquid the formula is. I might feel differently when I’ve adjusted to the applicator and the consistency of the product; I hope I do. Certainly, the quality of the shade is another priority for me, and with few options to choose from, Uninvited was, on its own, well worth the investment for me.

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I want to try this lipstick too . Its hard to find a nice black lipstick.

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