Sara’s September Challenge Diary 3/3


The last 10 days of September, I did zero make-uping that I can recall when I went out.

So no diary as per the first 2/3 of the challenge. But I’ll go over some of my goals and how I felt about them:

My “rules” for my September Self-Care Challenge:

  • Go through my usual longish skin care regimen every day, at least at night. Oil cleanse, water cleanse, essence, tone, moisurize with my vitamin c serum and apply a hydrating serum (fall and winter are coming, moisture barriers need to happen!)
    • Did this regardless of the day. Okay, so there were a couple of days where it was “just wash face with water and moisturize”, but at least I was washing my face. My husband is great and will play with our infant while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, so I’ve taken advantage of the time to wash my face so I can conk out as soon as I’ve put the baby down. For the most part, still going through the whole face washing regimen!
  • Wear at least 2 items of make-up if I’m leaving the house. I was going to make this every day, but let’s be realistic and make measured, attainable goals. Mascara and eyeliner or mascara and lipstick are easy, and I feel put together. There’s a chance I may even splurge on a dewy foundation (I’ll let you know!)
    • Did not splurge on my dewy foundation (I was eyeing up the NARS $60 Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe, which I *think* is my shade), but did use the demi-matte one that I have! I also discovered if I want to make it dewy, I can put in a drop of serum. Still, have that stupid red splotch on my face from being pregnant that hasn’t gone away.
    • Did not wear make-up every day I left the house…I got busy the last 1/3 of the month. But I did a solid 3 weeks of being on top of the make-up before I left the house. Baby is getting more active, and it’s harder to squeeze in the time to get ready. I’m working on doing it while she’s still napping, but we’ve hit the 4-month sleep regression. Sigh.
  • Do 2-3 additional skin treatments every week. This means exfoliating, applying a mask or applying eye masks. I can usually do this when the baby is down for a nap and I’m about to shower.
    • I think I covered this part! Check and check.
  • Don’t buy make-up I don’t need; use what I have.
    • I bought one 1/2 price UD eyeliner, which I used multiple times!!
    • Rediscovered a ton of “old” products that I wasn’t using and played around with them like a little kid. I’m not big on make-up hoarding anyway, so this was a great element of the challenge. I’m enjoying the habit I’ve made of rediscovering products I haven’t used in a long time and trying new things every day.
    • This topic is something Sarah and I have discussed a lot. More specifically, the tendency for a lot of bloggers and make-up lovers to hoard or purchase a boatload of make-up instead of feeling content with what they’ve got, deliberately replacing a finished product (because really, when was the last time you finished a pan of eyeshadow in less than a year?) and being conscious consumers (I don’t talk about it much, but I care about the environment, and I’m fully aware that consuming more make-up isn’t exactly helping it). A topic for future posts!
    • BUT I will post a sweet post on a great make-up find from New Orleans / another more uh, shall we say, entertaining lifestyle post 😉

All in all, I’m glad that I took September to focus on and be conscious of how I feel leaving the house with respect to my appearance, particularly as a new mother learning to balance home, work (ha, also from home). It’s definitely tough when you’ve got a handful of outfits that you feel comfortable in postpartum (slowly incorporating more, thank you, fall!), and your whole routine has changed.

What kinds of tools and tricks help you re-centre to make you feel good about yourself (inside and out)?

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