Sara’s September Challenge Diary Part 2/3

Day 11-15 – Nothing to report except that I’ve finally been feeling like my old self again! Still, some progress to go, but slowly catching up on sleep since the baby IS FINALLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! We’re talking 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep ❤ this is definitely helping my skin, haha.

Days 16-21 – I wore make-up once during these days. I’m still tired even though baby is sleeping through the night (some serious sleep debt to catch up on; I still try to nap during her morning nap).

I spent a little more time on my hair, and had to do some other important self-care to function (by way of meeting with a lactation consultant to deal with the Raynauds / vasospasms occurring in my breast after I nurse baby). It hurt so badly on Day 19 that I booked an appointment with the lactation consultant but also wanted to cut off my right breast.

I also realized that it’s Self Care Awareness Month (this means little to me; every day should be self care awareness day). So the fact that I’m trying to nurture a new human (my little human!), take care of myself (washing my face properly, brushing and flossing my teeth, pelvic floor physio and meeting with a lactation consultant) sort of threw make-up by the wayside. I’m realizing I only have so much time, and that I’m happy to spend it soaking in my baby. She’s got a personality, and her needs and wants are so much greater than my own. I also realize I can’t take care of her if I don’t take care of myself. Good old balance.

Make-up and skincare have been the usual. Didn’t go anywhere this weekend, so I didn’t put make-up on. I did wax my upper lip and chin (made my face feel cleaner…look cleaner?)

For the last 1/3 of my September Challenge, I’ll still make an effort to look put together, especially since we’re going on a trip. This means all of my masking, waxing, manicuring and bang trimming happen before we go, in addition to cleaning the crap out of my house, haha.


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