Sara’s September Challenge: A Diary of the First 1/3

Day 1, September 2 – Did a half-assed face washing and moisturizing plus sunscreening to go out. Mascara and Bite’s Dirty Chai lipgloss for make-up. Kept forgetting I had mascara on and smudged it (gah). Took 10 minutes to put on a face mask before going to bed. My skin is happy.

Day 2, September 3 – Showered and didn’t bother washing my face because shower, moisturized, and haven’t left the house. It’s Labour Day, after all. Plan on using my Thomas Roth Cucumber Eye Masks after I take a nap. Didn’t use them. Discovered some redness and a small breakout on my right cheek (gah!!!). Busted out my oil cleanser I bought from Soko Glam when I was pregnant but thought smelled bad (smells fine now) in hopes that it would balance things out. Did the usual essence and moisturize with a few drops of Cosrx Triple Lightning Vitamin C Serum. Pinned my bangs out of my face. Actually used a lip scrub and my new favorite lip balm: Lansinoh nipple ointment (it’s 100% purified lanolin, in case you think I’m bonkers).

Day 3, September 4 – Rinsed my face with water, moisturized (I’m cringing at myself a little here). My cheek flare-up looked like it calmed down. For make-up, I applied mascara and eyeliner in my waterline and a dash of Bite’s new lipgloss in Black Coffee. I didn’t smudge my eye make-up too badly today!

Day 4, September 5 – Double cleansed my face with Klavuu Oil Cleanser and Soon Jung Cleanser, essenced and moisturized with Triple C Serum. Applied mascara and eyeliner in my waterline, and swiped on some Elate Cosmetics lipstick in Muse (my faaaaave everyday lipstick as of late).

Day 5 and 6, September 6 and 7 – The usual? Did the thing, went out and make-uped. Finding it annoying to take said make-up off at night. No wonder my mom just slept in hers (I know this is an incredibly bad habit; I don’t ever do this).

Day 7, September 8 – Ran into people I knew and felt good about the fact that I’d put time into making my face look nice. Nothing like running into people to make you feel thankful for taking the time to look half decent. Thank you, September challenge! Makeup: Eyeliner in waterline, mascara, Bite’s French Press lipgloss in Black Coffee

Day 8, September 9 – Nothing special, mascara, eyeliner in my waterline and my Elate cosmetics lipstick in Muse when I left the house for a solid 45 mins to go to an art show. I saw a picture of myself from after, and I look scruffy (like bad hair) and maybe should have worn a longer shirt. Oh well.

Day 9, September 10 – Repeat of Day 8. Sarah came to town and we hit up Sephora, aaaaand I practiced some serious self-control and DIDN’T, (I repeat: I did not!) dip into my savings to splurge on a $60 NARS foundation. Sarah suggested I get a sample, and I didn’t realize how bloody yellow the match was until two days later. I put it next to my Urban Decay foundation (which is a perfect match) on both my face and hand in some natural light, and wow was the NARS sample ever off. I love the feel of the formula, but I’ll have to go back and try a couple more samples. I was given Barcelona, but I think Santa Fe will be a closer match. Temptalia’s website has a foundation matching matrix that I used to determine what foundations would best match me in other brands; it suggested Santa Fe in the NARS Sheer Glow.

I did, however, buy the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Mainline. It was half price, I couldn’t pass it up! Also, fun coloured eyeliner, anyone?

Day 10, September 11 – I went all out and busted out the Mainline UD eyeliner (see the post image for the final look) with MAC’s Kid and Naked Lunch in the inner corner. I also bought (not a splurge!) a used quad magnetic MAC palette from Varage Sale (it was $3 and it helps me fall in line with “using make-up I already have” for my challenge). I’ll pack the quad for my trip to New Orleans at the end of the month.

Later in the evening, I played, and I mean played, like a 5-year-old and made a mess, with my MAC shades (I’m a little embarassed, so I won’t include the photos here, but I will post them to Instagram stories). Why haven’t I been using my gorgeous MAC eyeshadows?? I have this beautiful forest metallic green (Humid) that I haven’t used, no lie, since I lived in Israel…so since 2012. I also decided that for October, I’ll do a fun eye make-up challenge. More on this later.

I felt pretty good and weirdly invigorated about rediscovering what I already have and feeling like I could appreciate it in a world of hauls and stocking up on palettes as though they’re collectibles / going out of style. I also appreciated my own love of minimalism. It felt a little like finding your old favorite shirt in your closet. You know?

Other thoughts: why is my eye make-up making my eyes slightly itchy? Maybe I’m just not used to wearing much anymore or the postpartum hormones have made my skin sensitive.

I figured 1/3 of the way in was a good time to provide an update!

What do you think I should do for my October challenge with respect to fun eye make-up (also noting that I hate and will not do a cut crease and I loathe matte lipstick / matte anything…Sarah loves them, and cut creases look a zillion times better on her eye shape!)

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