Getting Your Sparkle On

I love glitter. Rather un-pragmatic of me, I know, but I can’t help myself. There’s something about glitter that I can’t resist. I’m one of the five people who hasn’t unhauled their Moondust palette, for instance. I put MAC’s Dazzledusts on my list of favourite products from 2017.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with glittery shadows. They can be quite volatile. Under fluorescent lighting, they can appear quite heavy and messy, in large part because of the amount of fallout. Eyeshadow can be difficult enough to adhere to an eyelid even with a primer. Glitter is worse. The larger particles need more than a primer to stick to the lid. In typical fashion, I’ve tried a slew of products designed to stick glitter to my lids. Rather than list off all the failures, I’ll skip right to the product that actually worked.

It’s MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+.

I don’t believe that the casual make-up wearer needs a primer for their face. A solid foundation will withstand a typical day. Hence, when MAC started pushing their Prep + Prime spray like crazy, I resisted. I didn’t need a setting spray.

However, Prep + Prime is more than just a setting spray, I was informed. Turns out, Prep + Prime is actually the best way to get glitter to stick to your eyelids. This works on my Dazzledust shadows and the heavy metal glitters in my Moondust palette: it works so well, in fact, that there was no fallout during the application process.

Yeah, you read that right: no fallout. The only flecks of glitter on my cheeks was from my highlighter.

This has never happened. Ever. In all my many years of wearing glitter – and I have sought out some of the glitteriest shadows imaginable – I have never applied it without fallout. I’ve never worn it secure with the knowledge that I won’t end up with more on my cheeks that I will on my face.

Basically, load your glitter shadow up on a flat shadow brush. Spray the loaded brush with a little bit of Prep + Prime Fix+ spray, and then pack that beautiful glitter shadow onto a primed eyelid.

Then marvel at how clean the application process is! Rave to everyone that every precious speck of glitter sits perfectly on your eyelid! Rejoice that your lids are so gorgeously sparkling!

Look, I’m not going to admit that I’m wrong. I still believe that setting spray is an extravagance for a casual make-up wearer. But of all the products I’ve tried, Prep + Prime is the BEST for getting glitter shadows to stick. And for that, it’s a worthwhile investment for a sparkle fiend like me.

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