Carving out time for my face: September Challenge

Since the day I became a mother 11 weeks ago, I’ve only gone through my entire skincare regimen and applied make-up a handful of times. I’m not lamenting this, but I’m the kind of person that is (I fear I’ll sound dramatic) deeply affected by a lack of self-care. For me, washing my face, taking care of my skin, getting my teeth cleaned twice a year, baths and applying make-up are ways I feel like I’ve taken the time to care for myself. In short, while this will sound shallow, I feel good when I take care of my appearance.

The last few months, I’ve had to really learn to take care of my body, which meant slowing down a lot and organizing my life differently (especially with sleep). It’s been a lot of crazy in my life. This month, I decided to make a point of putting in a little extra time for my appearance and documenting it.

My “rules” for my September Self-Care Challenge:

  • Go through my usual longish skin care regimen every day, at least at night. Oil cleanse, water cleanse, essence, tone, moisurize with my vitamin c serum and apply a hydrating serum (fall and winter are coming, moisture barriers need to happen!)
  • Wear at least 2 items of make-up if I’m leaving the house. I was going to make this every day, but let’s be realistic and make measured, attainable goals. Mascara and eyeliner or mascara and lipstick are easy, and I feel put together. There’s a chance I may even splurge on a dewy foundation (I’ll let you know!)
  • Do 2-3 additional skin treatments every week. This means exfoliating, applying a mask or applying eye masks. I can usually do this when the baby is down for a nap and I’m about to shower.
  • Don’t buy make-up I don’t need; use what I have. So maybe no splurging on a new foundation for now…

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  1. thinkingofmakeup says:

    Love this! These are goals that I think we all need to have when we have a busy schedule! Congrats on becoming a mama and happy early birthday to your little one!


    1. saranaimo says:

      Agreed! And thank you! I grew up with a lot of emphasis on looking put together (thanks mom!) Putting your skin on thr backburner is generally a no-no in my books, so putting it on the back burner was bad. My preggo skin hasn’t totally gone away yet, but the baby’s still not quite 3 months (go hormones!) Feeling good already 🙂


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