Salty-Sweet: Some Thoughts on DIY

Quick post since it’s been kind of busy on my end recently, but I think I can make this pretty succinct: please, please, please get your make-up from reputable sources.

Look, I get it: Pinterest makes it look so easy to conjure up your own products out of coconut oil and charcoal. Whole blogs are dedicated to creating natural products from items that you can buy in a grocery store, and if they’re safe to eat, why wouldn’t they be safe to put on your face?

I’m trying to re-read that sentence without sighing and I just…I can’t.

Safe to eat does not automatically equal safe to put on your face or other parts of your body. Take coconut oil, for instance, which can clog pores and increase the likelihood of breakouts. My other favourites are baking soda no-poo, which dries out hair and makes it brittle, or Oreo cookie mascara, which can promote bacteria growth.

Safe to eat also doesn’t equal effective, no matter what tutorials you find online. Natural beauty and skincare products do exist and can be handmade, absolutely, but the recipes for those formulations aren’t going to appear as clickbait posts on Pinterest, YouTube, or blogs. They’re also not likely to whip together so easily as coconut oil and some kind of pigment. What’s more is that safe, natural, handmade products will be formulated to benefit skin and hair based on solid research and understanding on the part of the makers.

I think what gets me the most about these recipes, though, isn’t even my skepticism about their quality or cringing at some of the ingredients. It’s that so many of the recipes simply require the actual make-up products themselves. I just read a blush recipe that actually used blush. At that point, why bother mixing your own? Isn’t it easier to buy a blush and wear it as is without mixing it in coconut oil?

You can make your own, but not from these recipes. It’s imperative, if you are intending to make your own products, to do good research, ask questions, make sure that what you produce is safe and healthy for your skin.

And if you’re not up for that or shopping for clays and emulsifiers and other ingredients, if you’re looking for people who know their stuff, take your research skills away from Pinterest and find some great local, natural, handmade products, ones that have facts backing them and reviews supporting them.

At the very least, please don’t put coconut oil on your face? Please?

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