Review: Colorpop “I Think I Love You”

I was not enamoured with the Tarte eyeshadow palette from FabFitFun’s Spring box. The colours were too warm-toned, and while it was a pretty palette, it did not have dark enough shades to fit my needs. Thankfully, I’m getting another shot at love with a neutral palette. This time, I’m trying out Colorpop’s “I Think I Love You.”

The palette comes with 12 shadoes: 4 matte, 8 foils. The shades range from light beige all the way to black and including coppers, golds, and bronzes in between.

Colorpop’s “I Think I Love You” retails for $16 (USD). Free US shipping is available for orders of $30. Free International Shipping is available for orders over $50.



Like the Tarte palette, the Colorpop palette is solidly built with a magnetic flap. It does not come with a mirror, sigh, but the rose foil and simple decor of the packaging fits better with my aesthetic than the hot pink kisses on gold foil from Tarte.

The back comes with the shadow’s names listed, a feature that seems like a win until I realized how little I care about shade names in palettes. Names are useful for finding replacements when you’ve panned something, but most palettes come with exclusive shades that can’t be replaced unless I buy another palette. Also, having to flip the palette over and find the shade name is a little disorienting. That being said, this doesn’t detract from the overall look of the palette.

The pans are secure in the palette. I flew with this thing in my checked bag and didn’t notice any breaks or damage. The Colorpop palette is also light-weight, making it ideal for travel, if you can get past the lack of mirror.


The Shadows


Unlike my other reviews, where I break it down shadow-by-shadow, I was playing around with these colours so much together that I can’t really give the reviews individually. I will say that the colour payoff from these was very consistent. A little bit of these shadows goes a long way to creating a look.

This palette is, for a palette consisting entirely of neutrals, very versatile. Some shadows can be worn on their own as a wash (My TypeRowdyGirls Bite) while others are designed to be worn together (My Treat, Fancy Face, Screw It, and Rule Breaker are good dupes for the shadows I typically carry in my MAC quad). The remaining shadows look great on their own or when paired with the others. They each applied well with a finger or a brush. I did notice some fallout when applied with a brush. Applying with a primer or a paint pot will help the foil shadows stick and appear more opaque.

One of my favourite things about this palette is the inclusion of a black eyeshadow. Neutral palettes never seem complete without one. I love a little bit of black on the very outer corner of my eyes or to darken up and smoke out a crease. This shadow palette is handy because it is a one-and-done palette (if, you know, you can forgive it for not having a mirror).



I dig this palette. I dig it so much I’m on the Colorpop website right now looking at other palettes, seriously considering adding another to my collection in future. The price is right. The shadows are solid. The assortment of colours is perfect. This could be the one palette you still need for your collection. It isn’t for mine, but only because I’m so in love with Colorpop’s product.


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