Mom Hair (really, I don’t care…sometimes)

Everyone can probably tell I’ve really taken a backseat on the blogging train, and Sarah has done a beautiful (no pun intended) job of making sure there’s content. Love her.

My beauty regimen has also taken a back seat (everything from brushing my teeth regularly to waxing the hair on my upper lip and exfoliating), and now I’m in “just do what I can until my baby sleeps through the night” mode. Sleep is integral to feel and look good. Which is probably why so Kylie Minogue looks so great at her age, no kids! But in all seriousness, I adore my baby and am so glad I had her.

Now the hair. I’m a fan of my hair, especially now that it’s at a decent length. And every once in a while (maybe every 2-3 years), I have this super urge to chop it all off when it’s long, and usually into a long bob. Then I get phantom hair, become pissy because the cut is never how I want it unless it’s my one hairdresser in Saskatoon cutting it, or I lament having to style it all of the time. Lesson: not cutting any more than 3 inches of hair off at a time anymore.

I popped by a new friend/hairdresser’s place (her name is Julia) a few times while I was pregnant for bang trims (still am!), and she has the same amazing brand of sustainable hair products, Neuma, that my go-to lady in Saskatoon also carries!

Julia has seen my hair unstyled / brushed, air-dried and with a touch of product. It’s wavy (well, you can see the picture; please ignore the bangs), thick, and a little dry at the ends from having some caramel balayage done last October. I also never dye my hair; that was a one-off to deal with my spontaneous purple from May 2017 that washed out into chunks of bleachiness, and the first time dying it since 2012.

Big digression there. The point of Julia seeing my hair the way it is now, is that it brought up the discussion about a lot of new moms getting the urge to chop off their hair because baby grabs it. She mentioned that once they chop it off, they don’t have time to style or wash it (shorter styles require a little more styling), and end up looking homeless (her words, not mine).

Cue the products I’m using now to deal with my wavy, thick mess. I’ve been shampooing with Seaweed Bath Co’s Unscented Moisturizing Argan Shampoo for 3 years now along with their conditioner. Tip: if I feel the urge to have a scent, I typically use a few drops of my own essential oils and shake it into the bottle. Sadly, their scent selection is limited and I haven’t loved the choices for scents.

I hop out of the shower, towel dry my hair, squirt a sizeable dollop of Neuma’s Smoothing Creme and 2-3 squirts of their Argan Treatment, rub the products together in my palms then concentrate on the ends of my hair and a touch on the top to smooth flyaways. I brush the product through with a paddle brush and let my hair air dry. I’ll only have to straighten my bangs before I leave the house! Pretty easy. If I still have some frizz while my hair is dry, I’ll work in one more squirt of Argan Treatment just to moisturize my hair a little more.

As for my hair washing frequency: I can do every other day, sometimes up to 3 days between hair washes. Not bad, I think. When I’m getting really greasy, I’m a fan of Aveda’s Dry Shampoo

PSA and TL;DR for ladies having babies: don’t chop off your long hair! Just put it up and find ways to simplify your hair styling. A break from heat styling is good, too.


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