Yeah, It Was All Yellow

I don’t want to jinx anything with this post, but it looks like yellow eyeshadow might be in. And if it’s not yet, it might be soon.

Or maybe I completely missed the mark and it’s gone again. Whatever. Look – I have a special place in my heart for yellow eyeshadow. I have ever since I started watching make-up tutorials on YouTube videos all those years ago. I really fell hard when Queen Bey rocked it in the video for “Telephone.” Bright, matte yellow eyeshadow is bold, dramatic, and wonderfully light. Sure, it probably works best in summer, but the beginning of fall would work too, right as the leaves are changing the same damn colour as your eyelids.

There’s a lot of yellow eyeshadows available from high-end and drugstore brands, but a good yellow is tough to find. Loads of formulas are super sheer. Others are sparkly or metallic, which ruins the effect of a flat, matte yellow on the lids. The best – the ones that go on full coverage on the first try – are MAC’s Chrome Yellow and Sugarpill’s Butter Cupcake.

There’s a bunch of ways to work yellow eyeshadow on your face. Cut the crease with black for a really dramatic, gothic look. Fizzle out the edges with a soft brown for a gorgeously bold lid. Apparently, it’s okay to just apply the shadow all over your lids and cheeks with wild abandon, and hey, if that’s your jam, you go for it. My favourite, given my deep-set, round eyes has always been to smoke out the edges a little with a neutral shadow and let the full impact of the yellow strike all who behold me in the face. Yellow really brings out my green eyes.

Aside for always wearing a primer, I would recommend a graphic liner to go with yellow eyeshadow. Looking at images, it can work as a light wash, but there’s always a risk, depending on your skin tone, of it looking jaundiced on the face. For the full impact, give yourself a solid wing or cat-liner; curl your lashes and add some falsies along with your application of mascara. Trust me – you’ll thank me later.

The other recommendation I would make? Avoid pink lips. A bright fuchsia will clash. Soft bubblegum won’t stand up to the brilliance of the colour. Red works best, particularly one that is warmed toned, edging towards orange, like MAC’s Lady Danger. You can also go for a nude colour like MAC’s Velvet Teddy, something with beige or brown undertones to send people’s eyes straight to yours. If you really, REALLY want to make a statement, pop on a black lipstick. The great thing about matte shadows is that they can support and match the intensity of whatever you’re doing on your lips.

I am so excited to be breaking out my Chrome Yellow eyeshadow again in the waning days of summer. Not that I need an excuse to wear bright lipstick, but that’s certainly a bonus.

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