Review: Fenty Flyliner

Black winged or cat eyeliner is one of my favourite things to do on my face. Years of practice and I still get it wrong, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it. I typically apply black gel liner with a brush to get the look just right; it’s how I learned. However, I’ve since learned that a good felt-tip liner pen can save on application time.

The difficulty is finding a good felt-tip liner pen.

I’ve tried loads of felt-tip liners from high-end brands and the drugstore. I’ve found most of them lacking: the tip dries or doesn’t yield any product, making it impossible to get a sharp, defined wing; the formula makes my eyes hurt. You never it, I’ve encountered it. This year, I did include Urban Decay’s Perversion felt tip liner on my wind-up of 2017 Beauty Favs, but I did note that the formula dried glossy instead of matte, a fact that irks me despite the overall quality of the product.

Naturally, when Fenty announced they were adding a felt-tip liner pen to their collection, I simply had to try it out. I am loving Fenty’s smaller collection emphasizing quality over quantity. I had every confidence their liner pen would live up to my exacting standards.


The packaging on Fenty Flyliner is amazing.

No, not because it’s rose gold (which is very pretty) or because of it’s sleek, triangular body (which is easy to grip): because the cap fits snugly on the back of the pen, that’s why.

I cannot count the number of times I have gone to work with liner pens only to spend the first couple seconds trying to shove that cap onto the back of the pen like I do with a regular pen. And not a single company has designed their liner to do that one, simple thing! I’m always at risk of losing the lids for eyeliner pens because they must be set down.

But not Flyliner. I sat down to apply it, popped off the cap, slid that thing onto the end of the pen, and was already working when I realized what had happened. It should not be that easy to impress me! I should not be here praising an eyeliner pen for something that simple! Yet here we are!

I will mention that the triangular shape also makes this pen easier to hold and manage during application. I don’t normally appreciate that in regular pens, but for eyeliner, it’s a bonus.

5/5, Fenty. Well done.


Fenty Flyliner is currently available in one shade: “Cuz I’m Black,” a jet black colour. The formula dries in seconds. It has a slight sheen to it, but it is more matte than my Urban Decay Perversion liner. The pen has a felt tip sharpened to a point for application.

The formula applies smoothly and easily across the lid of the eye. I had a good deal of control over how close I got to my upper lashline and how thick my wing could be drawn.

I did notice that I had some trouble applying the tips to my liner wings. The tip of the eyeliner brush seems to have dried by that point and was not distributing product as evenly. I’ve had this problem with liner pens in the past, so I coloured a bit on the back of my hand to work up the formula again. I still had trouble getting the type of precision that I’ve had from other liner pens. After leaving the product, capped, standing upright so that product could flow into the tip, I did notice an improvement.

This formula is more liquidy than I’m used to – again, I typically use a gel liner for my wings. As a result, I did notice some discomfort when I first applied the liner. I’ve had this in the past from liquid liner; my eyes are really sensitive. However, once the liner dried, I was fine and had no further problems.



My Tarte gel liner will generally get me about 8-10 hours of wear before I start to notice it transferring in my crease. My Urban Decay Perversion liner does have better wear: I don’t notice transfer after 12 hours of wear.

With Flyliner, I got a solid 10 hours of wear. This is on a warm summer day, too. I didn’t test it out against anything as rigorous as the gym or the beach, but I would be confident sporting it during high-energy activities. One thing I did notice was that my 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer did transfer onto the liner during wear, dulling the impact of the black. I didn’t notice is happening with my regular powder shadows, so I think this may just occur with the 2-in-1.



Nothing will ever replace my pot of matte black gel liner, but for traveling or times when I need a quick wing, I could see myself reaching for Flyliner. I would love if I could have the same smooth application with the very tip of the pen, but I like how matte the formula is and the shape of the applicator. I also love how the cap fits on the back of the pen. Seriously, how did it take a company this long to find a way to my heart?


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