Review: Tarte FabFitFun Palettes

FabFitFun sounds like a lark. It addresses some my bigger criticisms about subscription boxes, offering full-size products four times a year rather than samples every month. Their most recent box included two Tarte palettes – leave your mark, an eyeshadow palette, and a Pro Glow contour palette. Neither were items I would have picked up on my own, but since they’ve come into my possession, I’ve some Thoughts that would make for a solid review. Let’s get to it!


The Tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette comes with 8 shadows, one of which – ‘love’ – that easily doubles as a blush. There are two mattes and six metallics in a variety of shades ranging from a peach toned highlighter to a dark chocolate shimmer.

The Tarte PRO Glow palette comes with 6 pans of product: two bronzers, 2 highlighters, a matte contour powder, and a very dark contour cream.

Both palettes come with mirrors to assist in application.

These palettes were included in the FabFitFun spring box which retails for $49.99 (USD); the website offers frequent promotions for first boxes, reducing the price to $39.99 (USD). That ends up resulting in free shipping for us Canucks. When purchased on their own from Sephora, the PRO Glow palette retails for $59; the leave your mark palette is currently offered as a free gift from Ulta.


I’ve mentioned here that I don’t care about how packaging looks; I care that it works. Both palettes are well-constructed. The folding upper flaps on each feel sturdy and seem designed to withstand movement. I have yet to travel with them, but I’m confident about throwing them into my make-up bag as part of checked luggage.

The PRO Glow contour palette offers pans that are large enough to work with any size brushes. They’re also deep enough to help prevent against fallout.

If looks count for anything, I’m definitely more partial to the Pro Glow packaging, but I’ve always been more drawn to simple packaging and neutral colours. The gold foil with matte hot pink lips on the eyeshadow palette isn’t quite my aesthetic, but, hey, to each their own, right?


This palette would be a nice standalone. The shadows come in a nice range of colours. Some wear perfectly well all on their own, but they can easily be paired for versatility. This palette is designed to be a standalone, and combined with its size, would be perfect for traveling.

As for each shadow individually:

Love: rose gold. Works as both eyeshadow and blush. Applies smoothly. Does yield some fallout on the eyes, but that, I found, just blended with my highlighter. 5/5
: matte light peach. Works well all over the lid or under the brow as a highlighter. Smooth application. 5/5
Speak Up: matte light coral. Works well to blend out into the crease. Can also be worn across the lid. Somewhat patchy during application with flat shadow brush. 3/5
Good Vibes: copper with gold shimmer. Smooth, creamy. Very little fallout. 5/5
Encourage: cool toned brown shimmer with gold reflects. Love this shadow. Favourite in the whole palette. Reminiscent of MAC’s Woodwinked. 5/5
Role Model: burnished gold shadow. Reminiscent of Urban Decay’s Half-Baked. Wears smoothly. Very little fallout. 5/5
Shake It Off: deep bronze. Needs to be built up a lot for full opacity. Applies best with finger or stiff, flat shadow brush. 4/5
Respect: dark brown metallic with slight purple sheen. Very little fallout, but it needs a lot of building on the lid, even with a primer. Best applied with a fingertip. Does not blend well. 3/5

Overall, while I was impressed with how well these metallics wore on my eyes, this isn’t a palette would reach for regularly. It’s simply too warm for me. The beautiful earth tones would look lovely on someone with a warmed skin tone, though, so if you’re looking for a solid, summer palette, I would see how to get it as a free gift from Ulta!

PRO Glow

The range of products in the PRO Glow palette make it a good standard for a make-up user. The PRO Glow palette includes:

lit: rose-tinted with gold reflects. Works as blush but may works as bronzer (for those of you with warmer skin-tones). 5/5
strobe: beige powder with white reflects. Very subtle highligter on my fair skin. May work better on darker skin tones. 3/5
fire: a cool-toned brown with gold reflects. Works as a bronzer on fair skin! One of the few I’ve ever seen! 6/5.
(Sorry, but if you’d found a unicorn, though, you’d give it a 6/5 too)
stunner: cool-toned tan shimmer. Wildly effective highlighter. Reflects from every angle. Similar to my new Fenty Freestyle Highlighter in Sand Castle, though this is a little more subtle than that. 5/5
shade: a cream for contouring. Very dark brown. I was scared to work with this one, because it is so dark, but I was pleasantly surprised with how sheer it applied. I will also mention that it’s cool-toned, so it wore well on my pasty complexion. Now if only I wore creams… 4/5
sculpt: cool-toned matte brown. Wears strongly, so a little of this goes a long way on someone with my skin tone. Works really well for contouring. Blends easily and applies smoothly. 5/5

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this palette. It, alone, is worth the price on a FabFitFun box. There’s a good variety of highlighters, bronzers, and mattes, and unlike the eyeshadow palette, this one hits a variety of skin tones. This palette works as a complete kit for your face. LOVE IT.   5/5

Based on this experience, I’m willing to give FabFitFun’s summer box a try. Are you a FabFitFun subscriber? Let me know your thoughts on the service in the comments!

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