The Best Spot Treatment

I hate pimples.

I know, I know: who doesn’t, right? What a redundant way to begin a blog post. But I feel the need to adequately contextualize all the stuff I’ve done to my face in the name of clear skin. All the DIY treatments I’ve tried, all the picking I’ve done (and shouldn’t have. Don’t pick your faces, kids): it’s been in the name of an intense, neurotic hatred of pimples.

I’ve searched high and low for a good, quick spot treatment for pimples, one that works faster than the switch in my brain that goes from Relax, Everything’s Alright to PURGE THE EVIL BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It hasn’t been easy. There are not a whole lot of products that work faster than my neuroses.

One product I LOVE is tea tree oil. I add it to my toner; it makes for an even less pleasant odour with the apple cider vinegar, but it absolutely helped clear up my skin. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial; it is safe for use on the face in small doses. Just don’t apply it around the eye or mouth are.

Applying tea tree oil straight is frustrating. Tea tree oil is highly viscous, so unless you’re applying it in very small doses, it will spread over the skin. This makes it very easy to rub into the eyes (OW), and while it is non-comedogenic, tea tree oil can be irritating. I’ve noticed a cooling sensation or, when I’m silly enough to get it in my eye, burning.

I’m sure there are DIY solutions to this problem: ways to thicken up tea tree oil to make it easier to apply as a spot treatment beyond a q-tip and dumb luck. Before I could find a solution, however, I stumbled across a store-bought option that saves me the trouble.

Thursday’s Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel uses tea tree oil, a personal favourite of mine, to treat breakouts, and it’s amazing. The gel means that it stays in place. It dries quickly so it can be worn under make-up. The tea tree oil treats acne pronto.

I’ve used this stuff on blemishes, on whiteheads; on my face and my neck. It doesn’t clog pores or encourage more breakouts; this stuff crushes every awful thing that might appear on my face.

Tea tree oil has a very distinctive smell, and it’s not for everybody. I mentioned in my ACV toner post that my husband can’t come near me until the smell dissipates. Ditto this spot treatment. But if you’re able to stand up to the smell, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

What’s more? Thursday’s Plantation is widely available. It’s slightly more expensive than the average drugstore spot treatment – I paid about $13 for mine from the local Walmart – but a little goes a long way. A small dab in the evening after washing my face and in the morning after moisturizing: I’m all set to go. Sometimes, I only have to apply it once for it to work.

Trying not to pick my face when I have a breakout is frustrating no matter how awful it is for my skin. Having a good skincare routine has helped, but there’s only so much I can do against the occasional breakout. Thankfully, I found something that helps. Hope it can help you too!

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