Review: Fenty Beach, Please!

I am so late to Fenty, I know. When the brand launched, I had just made some pretty major investments to my make-up drawers, so I had to stand on the sidelines and sing praises about the massive shade range, the marvel of a collection that centered squarely on the face rather than eyes or lips. Fenty is a line that understands the market. There are so many decision that went into its creation that fly in the face of current frustrations I have with the beauty industry. Make no mistake – Fenty is still looking to maximize profits, but I appreciate a brand that listens in order to do that. No reason we can’t both get something out of this relationship.

Fenty’s Galaxy collection also received a pass from me, this time because I wasn’t into the eyeshadow palette. Too many colourful metallics, nothing that really fit into my routine. Ditto the lip gloss, but more kudos to Fenty for their glosses. Very rarely does a make-up line truly create a universal shade, and I have yet to see Fenty glosses look bad on someone.

The second I saw images for Fenty’s Beach, Please!, though, I knew my waiting had paid off. Beach, Please! features a new gloss, new Killawatt highlighters, and a new eye product, not to mention body lava. My purchases were sparse and carefully calculated as usual, but Fenty’s products hold up well to criticism. Here are my thoughts:

Island Bling – 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer

I normally avoid liquid or cream eye products. My lids can get quite oily, so the products rarely stand up to hours of wear even with a primer. However, I was intrigued when I tested out Fenty’s Island Bling on the back of my hand on a trip to Sephora. Island Bling comes with two shadows, one a shimmering neutral and the other a glimmering sparkle. Summer Fling and Reignbow are a metallic bronze and gold combination; Mamacita and Tini Kini are a rose gold and iridescent blue pairing.

Island Bling eye shimmer applies liquid and dries to powder. My first test from Sephora, applied to the back of my hand, dried quickly and evenly. I noticed some transfer when I lightly touched both shadows, particularly the sparkle, but even after a day’s wear, the product lived up to activities. I was ready to invest. Unfortunately, almost every Sephora I visited was sold out! I was about to place an online order when I happened to return to Sephora after they replenished their stock. Mamacita/Tini Kini is mine.

I love this product. No, seriously, I love it. The shadows can be worn separately or together, and while I haven’t tested them without a primer, I can say that they compare with some of my favourite eyeshadows. I do notice some transfer if I actually touch my lid, but unlike other shimmery products, with Fenty’s Island Blind, there’s no fallout. The shadows blend easily without amping up my highlight over the course of day with fallen glitter. They’re AMAZING.

Fenty Killawatt Foil Highlighter

Oh, my gosh. Where do I even begin with this one?

The 2-in-1 eye shimmer was a total surprise, but I have never been able to shake my desire for a Fenty Killawatt highlighter sisnce they launched last year. Because have you seen the Killawatt highlighters? They’re amazing. They’re gorgeous. I have never seen a highlight apply that smoothly and shimmer that beautifully ever. Even my Anastacia highlighters struggle to compare.

Like other highlighters, Killawatt powders aren’t limited for use on the face. They are safe to wear as eyeshadows, to pat over lipstick, and to brush over the rest of the body. That kind of versatility made the price a little more manageable.

What’s more is that Beach, Please! has three new highlighter foil duos. That they’re foils makes them even shinier. I resisted the urge to purchase Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset, a gold and hot pink pairing that my fair skin would never have supported. Instead, I picked up Sand Castle/Mint’d Mojito, a pairing of a shimmering taupe and another iridescent blue. The two kicked all my make-up into high gear. I even tried out Sand Castle on a friend and could not stop staring at her cheek for how much perfect light it was giving off. Stunning.

I think there are a lot of questions to ask before buying new products. No brand should be above scrutiny. It makes it all the sweeter to find a brand that lives up to not only the hype but the expectations of consumers. Fenty’s line might be small, but Fenty’s products work. I can’t wait to try more of them.

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