Brain Dump: Australis Banana Powder Review, Dealing with Mega Stress & a UV Manicure during a Thunderstorm

It’s been an intense few weeks in my life, which calls for a brain dump.

I’ll try and do this methodically, aka in the order of items that appear in the post title.

Australis Banana Powder

I splurged at Blush Beauty Bar the other day because 3rd Trimester Barfing (which results in broken blood vessels around my eyes and now DOWN MY CHEEKS) was getting me down.

Australis Banana Powder’s description on their website reads:

“This yellow-toned powder suits almost every skin tone, and will not only banish any under eye dark circles, but it will colour correct any skin redness too!

Use on specific areas, or over your entire face as a matte finishing powder. We guarantee this product will be your new best friend!”

Well, they were dead on! I’ve used it 2-3 times so far with an Eco Tools Brush (this one; btw I suck with brushes, talk to Sarah if you’d like better brush advice, she won’t steer you wrong!). I’ve used the Banana Powder twice over foundation to set it, and today just on its own overtop of my moisturizer and sunscreen. It brightened up my entire complexion, set my Banana Concealer, and made me feel like less of a greasy dead person. I’m starting to find that when I feel shitty inside, I need to overcompensate on the outside (we’ll get to that next).

I had a few errands to run today, so I slapped on eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and powder.

Dealing with Stress. All of the stress.

Sooooooo this part is interesting or it’s just me with my first world problems ranting about life.

I’ve been crazy tired since about Week 32 of the whole incubating a human thing. My feet get puffy on hot days if I’m standing for too long. I can’t bend over properly anymore. I have so many effing stretch marks on my stomach. I feel ugly (I know I didn’t actually put on much weight outside of my middle; I actually don’t look pregnant from the back). My uncle in Turkey passed away suddenly on the day of my baby shower (my family didn’t want to upset me, so they didn’t tell me until afterward; my parents rushed to Turkey the next day to make funeral arrangements). And the cherry on top of everything: my husband got sick 2 months ago (the sickest I’ve ever seen him: nasty ear infection, lost a crap ton of weight and couldn’t put it back on, wasn’t quite right after). We just found a week ago that he’s diabetic, and spent all of last weekend in the hospital in his hometown. I’m glad my mother-in-law was with me: I don’t think I would have functioned nearly as well if I was in Regina alone.

As I get older, I’m finding I’m a bit more of a homebody. And as I get further along in my pregnancy, I’m finding I’m savouring/wanting the company of just a handful of people. I’m awful at returning texts lately.

I’m also finding that I get really agitated quickly, and I’m taking a lot longer to cool off. I used to go to bed angry and wake up fine, but now I cry a lot and can wake up the next day still pissed off for the rest of the day. I’ll likely make a phone call to have one last counselling session before this baby comes to get some perspective.

Pair this with all of the above, and not having time to do your nails for over a month. Okay, my nails were making me craaaaaaazy! They grow so quickly now, that a manicure that would last me 2-3 weeks before is toast by day 10 because of the growth factor.

Summary of my stress management tactics: try and put effort in my appearance, be grateful for friends and family, get perspective in counselling, cry a lot while I’m at home or in the Walmart parking lot for an hour (go hormones), eat properly and stay hydrated, feel my feelings, don’t worry too much about texting everyone back, take it one day at a time.

UV Manicure During a Thunderstorm

After 20 minutes of phone calls to Amazon to sort out a return last night (all good now!), I decided that enough was enough, I was going to sit down and paint my nails.

I started curing my polish during a pretty heavy thunderstorm. Risk of power going out and having sticky nails last night: high. I did like the risky low-consequence beauty behaviour, though. Heh heh.

I’d booked a manicure with someone highly recommended in town a few days before my due date, but I canceled last night it because, well, money doesn’t grow on trees in my work situation yet. And I did buy my own UV lamp and polish so I could, you know, DIY it and not shell out $45-50 per manicure.

I sat down and started painting my nails, but only managed to get 4/10 done before it was 11:40 and time for bed. So I woke up this morning and finished it, because there’s zero chance I was leaving the house with only 80% of one hand finished. It felt so satisfying for a moment in my chaotic life to just have one thing look put together.

Now to get this baby out of me and figure out this parenting business…


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