One Shadow Wonder: MAC Woodwinked

I don’t mind wearing more than one eyeshadow. My standard is four – one light to wash across the lid and brow, two darker for the crease and outer corner, and one black for the lashline. However, since I’ve been sharing my make-up routine more and more, I’ve learned that my process may be a little ridiculous.

Okay, sometimes it’s a lot ridiculous, but as I’ve mentioned here, I look at make-up as more of an artistic pursuit.

That being said, I do have a couple of eyeshadows that wear wonderfully all on their own. No fuss, little artistry: these are eyeshadows that can be applied with a fingers without any other shadows to accompany them. They’re perfect for days when I want to save time in front of the mirror, when I’m looking to get up and go as quickly as possible, or when I’m trying to save space in my make-up bag.

And the most quintessential of these eyeshadows in my collection is MAC’s Woodwinked.

There are now two different formulas of Woodwinked. MAC recently redid the shadow in the past couple years, and the new formula applies even more smoothly than the older version. Old or new, though, Woodwinked is a gorgeous eyeshadow.

Better still, Woodwinked is incredible dynamic. Again, this is an eyeshadow that looks great without accompaniment. The shadow shifts from gold to bronze to a metallic brown depending on the light, meaning it fulfills the roles of four different eyeshadows all by its little itty-bitty self. I don’t need to darken my crease or the outer corner of my eyelid, because when the light hits my lids, the bright gold of the shadow sets the outer corners of my eye to dark.

I’m long past applying eyeshadows for my eye colour, but Woodwinked works for everyone. The rich, earthy colour with gold reflects bring light to every eye colour. Green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, blue eyes: they all pop.

I think what makes Woodwinked even more special is that I don’t need a brush to apply it. This shadow applies with a finger. And as dynamic as it is, Woodwinked is very forgiving. Put a quick wash on the lid with a finger. Pack it on thick. Doesn’t matter: Woodwinked wears expertly.

I don’t think anything could compel me to abandon my eyeshadow quads, palettes, or processes for good, but I do love Woodwinked for its practicality. One shadow and no brush is great tool to have in my arsenal.

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  1. Francesca says:

    Haha, when I do my eyeshadow I’m also a fan of at least four! Love to wear the different colours.


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