Pragmatic Pregnancy II

My third trimester is in full bloom. New pregnancy needs came to light pretty quickly. Particularly things I didn’t think of earlier, like, “how do I deal with snissing?” (peeing while sneezing), or “you’re not supposed to wear underwire bras while you’re nursing”.

So for those of you that are also on the eco-friendly pregnancy train, I’ve got a short list of things you wouldn’t have thought of earlier that you’ll want to have handy for later:

  1. Luna pads, aka reusable menstrual pads/panty liners. They’re great for snissing (peeing when you sneeze, cough or laugh…because baby’s using your bladder for a pillow and it’s a real thing). Trust me. You’ll pee a little when you sneeze, and it’ll just be normal. I purchased 5 Luna pads, but will likely purchase a couple more before the baby’s arrival, since you can throw them in the washer/dryer and use them as panty liners. They’re made to last up to 5 years, so they work out cheaper and easier on your pocketbook and less taxing on the environment in comparison to disposable panty liners. They also come clean really easily, and come in 4 sizes! I have so few clothes to choose from at the moment that I’m doing laundry less than once a week anyway. Literally one load now. These will also come in handy when you’re bleeding for a couple weeks after giving birth. Or you can always go for Depends, but I’m a big hater of the waste. So Luna pads will do.
  2. Underwear in a slightly bigger size. Maternity underwear is a bit of a joke to me (just another reason for someone to sell you overpriced “special” something). The truth is, your regular underwear should and will fit you just fine unless your hips have gotten quite a bit bigger, OR you’ve put on a lot of weight and it happened to go to your hips. So what do you do if your undies getting tight? Just size up, and buy a comfy cotton pack you won’t feel bad about chucking later. I’m not talking thongs: I’m talking granny-esque panties, boy shorts or briefs with decent coverage. I’d also strongly advise against microfiber: I find after a few wears it stinks, and the stink doesn’t come out no matter how many washes it gets. Remember, you’ll be bleeding for a bit (a couple weeks) after birth, and you’re not going to want to ruin your nice underwear. Save those for later.
  3. Nursing bras. There’s a lot of mixed information that I’ve found on the internet regarding whether or not you want to wear a wire-free bra (the debate suggests that an underwire bra can create an environment that would lead to mastitis if you’re breastfeeding). As a bustier woman, I can’t really imagine life without the support of an underwire, and I do plan on breastfeeding. I’m not entirely sure as to what the final verdict is on the nursing bra front, but I’ve heard having 2-3 is really handy. And that you’ll likely want to sleep in them, so comfort is key.

Guess I should get on packing my hospital bag soon (ack!)

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