Review: “Natural” Nail Polish + Indie Beauty Product Love

About a year ago, I purchased a stockpile (I’m not exaggerating, a stockpile…minimum orders for wholesale were 100 bottles) of natural, vegan, water-based, odorless, fast-dry, peel-off nail polishes from a company called Little Ondine out of the UK.

PS, if you’re looking to try a few of these out yourself, use the coupon code “PRAGMATIC” through Naked Kitty Naturals for an additional 10% off the sale price of both colour coats (already marked down at 25% off) and top coats (already marked down to 45% off) today through March 31, 2018. And they can be shipped worldwide!

I found Little Ondine through a company that is now out of business called Scotch Naturals. Scotch Naturals boasted having the only natural nail polish line on the market, but their removal and application process were a royal pain. Their polish came in an array of beautiful colours, and was paired with a soy-based nail polish remover that made removal even messier than removing gel polish (not exaggerating). Often I’d apply the polish, and it would chip almost immediately after application. Big disappointment. It did, however, dry quickly, but it was still a pain to apply.

When I learned that Scotch Naturals went out of business, I was creeping their Instagram and saw someone comment about how they’d switched over to using Little Ondine’s nail polishes. I went to Little Ondine’s Instagram page and was intrigued by the product: how could a product be so desirable for people with allergies, sensitivities, and people with concerns about their growing fetus? Or nail polish fanatics in general, haha. I intended to find out how they filled in this market of people that avoid conventional nail polishes.

After discovering Little Ondine, I learned the company only had their products available in the UK or the US, and at the time, the US site didn’t ship to Canada. To get it from the UK cost an arm and a leg. So I did what anyone else would do if they have family in Thunder Bay: ship it to the US border, and have my brother pick it up from there and ship it to me in Regina. Very crafty.

Fast forward two months later, and I’d purchased my large order to sell through Naked Kitty Naturals. My sales pitch for the nail polishes when I speak to my own customers hits on a few things that the company doesn’t talk about on their FAQ page. Some of the information I discuss below was conveyed to me verbally by the salesperson dealing with my account:

  • They’re nothing like the crappy Tinkerbell nail polish you had as a kid: if you apply the polishes correctly (buff, wipe with alcohol, apply before bed and don’t wet your hands), they’ll last about 3 days or more, depending on how often you’re exposing your hands to water. I’ve spoken to some individuals that could get 4-5 days of wear out of them. The FAQ page says you don’t have to buff, but I find I get better wear out of the polish if I do buff.
  • A lot of people think the polishes are just for children and balk at the price – they’re definitely not just for children, they’re for everyone!
  • If you’ve had them on your hands for a few days, you’ll need to soak them in warm water before removing them. I use a metal cuticle pusher to lift the polish off my nails before I peel them off. If you don’t soak your nails and peel them off, you may notice that the polish will “peel” some of your nail bed with it. Obviously, it won’t peel the nail bed as badly as if you peeled off gel polish from your nails, but if you have weak or brittle nails, I highly recommend soaking them before peeling off the colour coat, or use acetone to remove the polish (it also works).
  • Peel the polish off from side to side vs. front to back (if you can help it).
  • I can get over a month of wear on my toes (but definitely need to soak them in warm water for 10-15 minutes before peeling them off!)
  • I like them as my in-between gel manicures polish. They’re also great if you’re the type to get bored of your nail polish colour after a couple of days, and you can do some fun nail art with them, too.
  • They’re fast-drying, so if you mess up or don’t like the colour, you can run your freshly painted fingers (I’d say within 5 mins of painting them) under a faucet and the colour will rinse off. This will not happen after you’ve had them on your hands for a few days.
  • If one nail starts to come off, you can redo JUST that one nail! AMAZING. Okay, this is a big deal convenience for me. I guess you can already do this with other nail polish anyway.
  • If the polish starts to thicken, you can add a few drops of water into the bottle, shake the bottle, and voila! Thinned out polish!

Here are a couple great videos of demos of the polishes:

The giveaway for this video is closed, but she has quite a few swatches and really highlights the proper application of the polishes:

Since I have “unlimited” access to my stock (I do try to moderate how often I grab a bottle for myself!), here’s a photo of my colour selection (yeah…I have a small problem, hahaha):

L to R: Smoky Mountain, Nirvana, Peek-a-boo, Envy, Karma, Love Affair, True Love, Dark Crystal and Fusion.

Would you try these polishes out? If you’ve tried them before, let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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  1. paigemckinney7 says:

    great review!


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