Review: Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Aquarius

Small disclaimer: this might be a week of product review posts by Sara. I’ve got a few in my arsenal!

I got caught up on some Internet fangirl lipstick hype recently: I wanted, nay, I needed Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Aquarius. Then I ended up with two lipsticks I thought were the same.

So I made a trip to Sephora, and I bought Bite’s shade in Jam to console myself that they didn’t have Aquarius, got home, popped it on for a 1/2 hour drive to drop off some products, and came home.

I didn’t realize until later on that day that Bite’s Zodiac collection would be released online only. I signed up through Sephora to get a notification for the second wave of stock. The second I saw the email, I got online and snapped it up! But then…I went looking for swatches, and it looked so damn close to Jam that I considered returning it or giving it away for a few days. Thankfully, that didn’t happen (thanks Sarah for being so patient with my wishy washiness!) and I tried it out. See swatches below:


The Aquarius is a little cooler-toned and more distinctly purple than Jam from what I can tell. I wouldn’t argue with you if you said they were pretty much the same colour based on the swatches.

Also, ignore my shoddy job on applying Aquarius: I didn’t notice how bad it was until I went to edit the images. I’ll be taking a leaf out of Sarah’s book and finding some lip liner to prevent feathering for future wear.

The two lipsticks look more like second cousins than siblings after application: Jam applies slightly translucent, while Aquarius has a hint of an opaque cream-coloured base. IMHO, both are shades that would work well on most skin tones. Had I known earlier how Aquarius would look on my own face, I would have bought a second one for my aunt who is obsessed with purple-toned lipsticks (I mean obsessed).

Aquarius Jam

This article describes Aquarius as a “modern berry”, which suited me fine: I tend to go for dusty pink nudes, berry shades, or reds when I purchase lipstick (as one of my friends would say, “it’s not the same shade of red if it’s from a different brand!”)

I (personally) can’t get enough of Bite’s Amuse Bouche formula – it glides on beautifully (mind you, I always apply lip balm or lipstick primer underneath and after scrubbing my lips), and doesn’t make them feel dry at the end of the day.

When it comes to re-application, I definitely need to re-apply the lipstick over the course of the day, less so with the darker shades as the pigmentation is quite intense. It doesn’t inconvenience me much to re-apply lipstick. Truthfully, I don’t think I could ever get on the LipSense train…it freaks me out when lipsticks don’t come off (save lip stains), so re-application is never a chore to me. I’m also not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, so the semi-matte cream finishes Bite’s Amuse Bouche lipsticks create are up my alley. That said, Bite does carry a matte line of their lipsticks if you are a matte lipstick fan.

I do have one tiny wish for Bite as a company, with respect to their future lipstick shades: if they could take a leaf out of Urban Decay’s book and swatch the lipsticks on different skin tones vs. simply showing the lipstick swatches on their own or on one single model (but big shout out: go them for choosing a beautiful woman of colour to showcase Aquarius!), that would help me as a consumer decide what I think would look alright on me. Or let me know which lipliner goes with which lipstick.

All in all, very happy with this purchase (10/10!), the formula, and the colour. I’ll continue to fangirl and potentially purchase more of their Zodiac line in the future if the colours are boss. I secretly hope that when Leo comes out, my own Zodiac sign, that they do a taupe-y-gold. I’d be all over that, even if I think the Zodiac is BS (that’s an opinion for another time).

Sarah’s heard me blather on about how I’m dying to go to one of their lip labs *sigh*. One day I’ll visit one! Have you been to a Bite Lip Lab? Do you like their Amuse Bouche formula as much as I do?

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  1. robynlipstickonthelake says:

    This shade is so pretty! I wanted to treat myself to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab last time I was in Toronto but it was such a quick trip that there just wasn’t enough time. Next time for sure though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saranaimo says:

      Take me with you! I have a feeling I’ll end up in San Francisco’s Bite lab sooner than Toronto *sigh*


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