Skin Savvy DIY: Yogurt Face Mask

My try-everything-once attitude should never have been introduced to Pinterest. It’s time for another post where I put food on my face.

To be fair, this mask – like the apple cider vinegar toner I recced a few posts ago – has the science to back it up. This combination of plain yogurt, honey, and oatmeal comes with a number of benefits for the skin. The lactic acid in the yogurt helps combat acne; ditto honey, which is naturally antibacterial. Oatmeal acts as a great natural exfoliant to soften skin and helps reduce redness as well as dry patches. This mask provides moisture and anti-aging benefits. It also smells great to a breakfast fiend like me.

There are many variations on this mask, as I’ve discovered. Yogurt is a great base for DIY skincare. Mix it with olive oil for extra moisture! Pop in some lemon juice for treating acne and blemishes! I avoided both of these recipes out of respect to my skin. Too much oil and my forehead turns into an oil slick, not to mention I’ll have break-outs around my temples and chin. And lemon juice seems like it would dry my skin out about as much as it would clear pores.

I had seen yogurt, oatmeal, and honey recommended on sites specifically for sensitive skin; it seemed like a solid recipe with which to start. The mask has a good consistency and stays on the face, though it made a disaster area of my bathroom sink and hair thanks to the oats that stuck themselves everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this as a part of a daily skincare routine for reasons I’ll explain more clearly below, but oatmeal getting stuck in my hair and all over my sink isn’t an exciting prospect every night of the week.

Besides, this mask, like every other mask listed online or in stores, is probably an unnecessary daily ritual. Masks are supposed to be used sparingly. They’re an intense burst of oil or acidity or exfoliation, used when your skin needs more than your regular skincare routine can provide. Even during these cold winter months, using this mask once a week felt like A LOT, and this isn’t even the most hydrating DIY mask I could find online. Be aware of how your skin is feeling and what it needs before putting any kind of mask on your face, and definitely do your research before adding it to your routine.

On that note, here’s what my research yielded:

  • This mask worked best for me using plain yogurt containing 1-2% milk fat. My first batch was with 10% and it was far too rich. For oily skin, a non-fat yogurt would work best.
  • One of my biggest concerns with putting yogurt on my face, even with the articles I checked out during my research, was a risk of causing a break-out. Yogurt is loaded with pro-biotics – live bacterial cultures that promote the growth of other bacterial cultures. While I wouldn’t say that I experienced fewer break-outs while using this mask, I certainly didn’t notice an increase.
  • Make sure to grind the oatmeal with a mortar and pestel or in a food processor before adding it to the yogurt. I got lazy with this mask once and left the oats whole. They hit my face like little knives. It was an exfoliation from hell. If you don’t have a way to break down the oats at all, I recommend mixing up this mask and then leaving it in the fridge for a bit. The oatmeal will soften slightly. This would make it more comfortable particularly for users with sensitive skin.
  • Unlike the ACV toner, I find the ratios for this recipe a lot more forgiving. Obviously, if you’re looking for extra scrub, add more oatmeal; more moisture, keep it honey heavy. Extra delicious? Add more honey. For my own purposes, I went with a 4:1:1 ratio between yogurt, honey, and oats respectively.
  • I saw instructions online stating to leave this mask on your face from anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes. I think anything approaching an hour seems like a bit much for a mask, so I never wore mine for more than twenty at a time. No matter how good this mask smells, the flecks of oatmeal and globs of yogurt gave me a slightly curdled, rotted appearance that my dude-spouse did not appreciate…and nor did I when my chasing him around our apartment as a zombie resulted in more oatmeal peppering the floor.

After using this mask, I did notice that my skin was more supple. The redness in my cheeks was diminished (likely from the oatmeal), and my skin felt a lot more balanced in terms of oily production. I added this in my nighttime skin routine after my facial cleansers, and some nights I felt so good that I didn’t even use my ACV toner afterwards. That’s how good it felt.

Yogurt, Oatmeal, Honey Face Mask

1/4 cup plain yogurt
1 tbsp oatmeal (crushed or ground slightly)
1 tbsp honey

Mix ingredients in a bowl. Let sit in the refrigerator if you need the oatmeal to soften. Apply to face. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse. Pat face dry. Enjoy the look of your healthy glowing skin before cleaning up the mess this mask leaves behind!

The internet is now telling me I should put mayonnaise on my face. My spidey senses are tingling about that one; I suppose even my try-everything-once attitude has limits. I hope you get some benefit out of this experiment, and that in the quest for healthy skin you do your research before putting anything too weird on your face!




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