Sarah’s Beauty Profile

Ten years ago, if someone had told me that I would be writing for a make-up and skincare blog, I would have laughed right in their face. I didn’t start wearing make-up until my late teens, and even then, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really learned how to apply it! But make-up has become one of my greatest passions. I hope this can give you an idea of what I’m looking for in a product:

Skin tone: Fair with pink undertones. I find the lightest shades in most foundations fit my skin. In Urban Decay’s Naked Skin range, I wear 0.5.

I should also mention, here, that while I still have the occasional breakout, my skintone is fairly even. I have been wearing medium-coverage foundations, but a light or sheer coverage foundation fits me fine. I prefer matte and satin finishes.

Eye Colour: Green

Eyebrow situation: Kind of a mess right now. I’m overdue for a good threading. But I tend towards a softer brow shape: small arch and all that.

Hair colour / type: Dark blonde/light brown, straight, and very fine. Like wash-once-a-day fine.

Make-up comfort level: I am a full-on five-out-of-five when it comes to make-up confidence. I love to play with colour, shape, and style. I’m constantly learning and refining my techniques. This is especially true with regards to skincare.

Approximate number of products used per day (including skincare): depends on the day, but I have 3 products for my morning skin routine in the winter; a minimum of 5 items of make-up (I can’t predict how many eyeshadows I want to wear on my face, lol); and then 3-4 skincare items in the evening, depending on if I use a mask or not (in summer, a mask is too much moisture for my face).

Describe your make-up philosophy: I can’t draw, can’t paint, can’t sculpt, but I can make-up. Cosmetics have always been an artistic pursuit for me. I’ve experimented with natural looks, editorial and avant garde looks, and even dabbled into home/hobby sfx. My approach changes from one day to the next depending on my mood. Sometimes, I’m perfectly content with my own bare face; others, I simply must know how many kinds of glitter I can fit on my eyelid or how long the wings of my liner can spread before I’m unprofessional. Like Sara, I find the application process very grounding.

While I am a stickler for eye primer, I’m of the belief that one cosmetic should never necessitate buying another. I want my foundations to wear right and last on their own. Ditto lipstick (though I concede that a lip liner helps). Eyeshadows ought to look the same on my skin as they do in the pan. As a result, I’m constantly refining my skincare process to ensure I have the best base possible.

Colours: Give me all the colours. Every single one of them. Urban Decay’s Electric palette, Sugarpill’s entire line of eyeshadows, MAC’s loose pigments, lip tars in every shade under the sun – show me a colour, I’ll show you a part of my face that’s dying to wear it.

When you love/hate products: …you’ll never hear me stop talking about them. I’ll let you know all the details, perfectly explicating what I adore about a product or picking through the minutiae of what I hated. I spend a lot of my time on my make-up, so I don’t want to waste a minute on something that doesn’t work.

I’m really looking forward to diving into some product reviews! Sara and I are already lining up brands we’re looking to try. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

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